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RP Insights: Financial Aid for International Students

There is plenty of incorrect information online about financial aid and scholarships for international students. A number of ...

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US universities have long been considered the best in the world but it is becoming prohibitively expensive. According to the ...

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First semester in college is big shock …. David Perez who was featured in our inaugural RP Spotlight article is bringing some insight on what it takes to survive at Dartmouth.

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For everyone interested in programming! Here you can learn more about it, get some information about interesting resources and opportunities.


Are you an entrepreneur or interested in entrepreneurship? This is the perfect group to learn more about it.

US College Applications

We have created this group after seeing a number of questions from both US and foreign students about US college application process.

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RoundPier has helped me connect with girls all over the world to help me start Girl Genius Magazine. In addition, RoundPier has always shown support for my organization by reposting it and sending emails to its many members, spreading awareness for Girl Genius Magazine to students in the US and internationally.
Shivali G.
US Student
I saved a lot of time on finding ECs and connecting with other students and organizations. RoundPier is a great tool for discovering new opportunities to get involved in.
Sam Y.
US Student
I am greatly thankful for the amazing resources on this website. All in all, RoundPier was one of the most useful tools in my college application experience. Thank you.
Srihari B.
International Student
I use RoundPier to network with like-minded peers from around the globe to share ideas and opportunities, explore and learn!
Ashley L.
US Student
I really liked RoundPier's platform due to variety of extracurricular opportunities offered and personalized college list that was built using my current profile.
US Student
Great app for parents and kids, tons of useful and much needed information at your fingertips.
US Parent