Priscilla Beach Theatre
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800 Rocky Hill Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360, USA

About us:

The historic Priscilla Beach Theatre is the oldest barn theater still in operation in America. Founded by Dr. Franklin Trask in 1937, the theater quickly became one of the most respected schools of theater training in America. This innovation of summer stock "in a barn" rapidly flourished throughout the country. The barn playhouses brought theater into the hinterlands and provided needed laboratories for both young and experienced actors to learn and perfect their craft. In its heyday (in the 1940s and early 1950s) the complex included dozens of cottages, a mansion and carriage house, a 200-seat theater, and a 60-seat theater. As many as 150 actors and actresses were in residence. In 1962, James Lonigro (a.k.a Geronimo Sands), an accomplished performer of stage, screen, radio and television, bought the theater from Dr. Trask and has been its creative force since. PBT has more than 75 years of history building performers. But more important, PBT builds future leaders.

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