BioQuest Academy
Seattle, WA, USA
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About us:

At the Center for Infectious Disease Research we are working on the edge of host-pathogen interactions to find the cures for global infectious diseases like HIV, TB, Malaria through of vaccines, drugs and interventions. At BioQuest we take the research done at the Center and deliver as curriculum to high school students and teachers, through our host of interconnected programs such as Teacher Workshops, Site visits and Summer Academy. We are proud to be a unique nationally recognized outreach program to be located within the footprint of an infectious disease research institute.

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Passionate about Infectious Disease?
Want to be part of a research team investigating causes and cures for Infectious Disease?

By enrolling into the BioQuest Academy, you will become part of the BioQuest global health community not only for the two weeks (60 hours) that you are physically at the Center for Infectious Disease Research, but throughout your senior year of high school and beyond! You will advance your understanding of infectious diseases and global health, and become part of the community who cares and works towards finding solutions to these problems.

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