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How will the United Space School affect my application to college?
Hi Zhalyn - we have heard about this program before but is it really run by NASA? Can you please send us some more information on this school. There are a number of summer space programs out there for high school students but only a few carry significant weight especially for top colleges. There short answer it is probably not going to make a difference for MIT or Stanford.
Here, I have a link to it www.united...
The country I’m coming from was full of news articles telling about NASA running school. And the fact that the school itself selects about 50 students among applicants, I guess, should also sound impressive somehow
If it is indeed very selective then it will add value to your college application. What is the fee for the program or is it completely free? What is strange is that it doesn't have much representation in the US despite being held in Texas. Finally, here is a list of NASA opportunities for HS students www.nasa.g... ndex.html.

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