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Change the world at IBM. There aren’t many companies who can say they have been an integral part of the global business landscape for more than a century. While the world has changed considerably over the past 100 years, IBM, our people and our offerings have continuously led the way with business and technology innovation.

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IBM Canada
Computer Science High School Co-op - Summer
Markham, Canada

DSX (Data Science Experience Local) is a collaborative data science and machine learning platform infused with open source technology. Candidate will be provided with a set of use cases and scenarios from various industry sectors for which he/she will be tasked with creating demos using DSX platform.

Creating an end to end scenario will require obtaining and curating a data set , selecting machine learning algorithm and creating and training machine learning model. Candidate would also be asked to integrate DSX Local with external REST API's e.g Facebook/Twitter to infused social media analysis into traditional predictive ML models.

Upon completion of scenario, candidate would be required to record videos of this experiments which in turn would be uploaded to YouTube.

Candidate would work in team based environment and be supported by University internship students currently working on DSX Local projects.
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