SPACE India Astro Podcast Competition
Delhi, India

About us:

SPACE India has launched an innovative and contemporary method to encourage enthusiastic individuals and students to share the concepts of Astronomy and Space Sciences through the medium of video podcasts as National Astro Podcast Competition to in 2016, for the first time.
Now, its time to bring up the momentum and participate in the third National Astro Podcast competition. By participating in the Competition, students will be able to broadcast their talents on the online media platform, which has a large number of global audiences. Students can choose an innovative topic, describe it or do a demonstration and upload it online.

Podcasting is an easy and powerful way to communicate ideas and messages. An individual can potentially reach a larger audience and attract people through the Audio-Visual medium. Podcasts can help individuals develop their ideas with speech and expression in Audio-Visual mode and share it with others to aware, educate, entertain and inform.

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Srihari Balaji
Srihari Balaji
Incoming freshman at Union College
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