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New Discussion Amherst vs U of Rochester for Physics Major
Hi Subin

Both are good schools for international students - few comments from us

if you are 100% certain you want to pursue a career in physics

- we would suggest Rochester, despite what some suggest about research opportunities and smaller classes at LACs we believe being at a large research university makes a difference if you plan to stay in academia
- Rochester will also offer more on campus opportunities as it is just a bigger school
- While comments you make on LACs make sense you might find Rochester an easier fit both as an international student and science major

but if you are not sure about future career

- Amherst will definitely provide better general opportunities in business/corporate world while still keeping an option to pursue academia
- better and more close-knit network of alums etc, definitely different student body vs Rochester
- more well known employers recruiting on campus for front office roles

Williams would be comparable to above with perhaps slightly better physics department. See a comment from one of our members on LACs in general www.roundp... s/view/80.

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