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Philadelphia, USA
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About us:

Since its inception, the Monell Center has made a strong commitment to the education and training of high school and undergraduate students. To date, more than 375 students have spent a summer at Monell, earning a weekly salary and meeting the challenges of serious research responsibilities in projects such as cloning the olfactory receptors; investigating flavor preferences in infants, children and the elderly; developing non-lethal repellents for agricultural pests; or studying the chemistry of air quality and how it influences people’s health perceptions. Many students also work at the Center during the school year.

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Monell Center
Research Apprenticeship Program
Philadelphia, USA

Our program is an intensive paid internship that offers high school and undergraduate students in the Philadelphia area an extraordinary opportunity to learn about science and directly participate in basic research. Seven weeks of full-time structured research activity during the summer with a Monell scientist. Because Monell scientists devote 100% of their time to research, this experience is intense and puts students at the forefront of scientific research in the chemical senses.

To meet the requirements for the Research Apprenticeship Program, students must:

Be currently enrolled in a high school or undergraduate institution.
Students from the greater Philadelphia area are strongly encouraged to apply.
Be able to prove eligibility to work in the United States.
Have a strong interest in science and research.
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