Crimson Education Germany GmbH
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Education consultancy
München, Deutschland
Am Glockenbach 7
20000 Students
2300 Mentors and consultants
About us:

Crimson Education is the world's largest personalized education company helping students gain access to universities in English-speaking countries. It was founded in New Zealand by Jamie Beaton and Shandre Kushor, in 2013 and operates in over 40 cities worldwide.

Crimson Education currently has a network of more than 2300 designated mentors, consultants and advisors worldwide, who pave the way for students at renowned universities in England and the USA. To date, Crimson has brought more than 20,000 students together with highly talented mentors, who are all in the top five percent of their field. Crimson attaches great importance to ensuring that students receive the best educational opportunities for their future careers.

The company is proud to say that Crimson students are accepted up to eight times more often by UK and US universities. A team of specialists accompanies the student through the application process.

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