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Hack, hustle, code, create, and rally with us as we invest in student innovation, leading the next generation of coders, creators, and founders.

Developers' Society is a global non-profit that aims to nurture student-led innovation, particularly in underserved communities, by providing technology opportunities and improving computer science education.

Our projects include a community worldwide through student-run chapters (we partner with independent tech/nopreneurship clubs, too!), education programs, startup and project accelerators through our fellowship program, mentorships, and fun hackathons and challenges.

If you have a passion for creation, join in. Open to high schoolers and college students from everywhere.

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Developers' Society
Nov 10, 2018

Last September, we spoke at the world's largest women in tech conference about our journey from the Philippines. Now, we're looking for high school and college students passionate about spreading innovation for impact in the developing world and beyond.

See available positions at

Developers' Society
Nov 9, 2018

Three more days to sign up before our November registration window closes! Join us at and be a part of coding the future with us.

Developers' Society
Sep 30, 2018

Are you a student interested in technology and innovation for social good? We're a global nonprofit educating and gathering students to collaborate, develop, and launch tech solutions from all around the world

Developers' Society
Sep 24, 2018

Developers' Society is going to be at #GHC18!

The Grace Hopper Celebration, known as GHC, is the largest gathering of women in technologists in the world. Our founder is going to be recognized on the keynote stage in front of 20,000 attendees for Developers' Society and startups founded under us.

On that note: we'd love for you to join our organization! We're startup founders, casual programmers, nerds, public speakers, social activists, and at the end of it all--students. We're building the largest community of creators by-students, for students. Join us at and get involved with a global nonprofit recognized in conferences like GHC and more!

Developers' Society
Jul 21, 2018

Learn how to get involved with Developers' Society, a global student-run technology nonprofit, at devsociety... etinvolved

For anyone interested in joining in the discussion first, we're on Discord too at devsociety... ord_invite

Developers' Society
Jul 4, 2018

Hello everyone! We're new on Roundpier.

We're a technology-oriented nonprofit rooted in Manila, Philippines and are looking to go global this year. Some of our past projects have included an online advocacy hackathon for mental health, an internship program for high school students, incubating student projects and training them for competitions or for simply personal projects, lots of hackathons and workshops! This year, we're focusing on expanding our education programs and being as inclusive as possible.

If you want to talk tech with us or get involved, feel free to shoot us a message! Thanks to the Roundpier team for sending us an invite. :)

Chiara Amisola
Chiara Amisola
Hello! Talk to me at and connect with me at
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