Ross Mathematics Program
Summer camp/program
Columbus, USA
1216 Sunbury Road Columbus, Ohio 43219
(614) 251-4500
About us:

students working together on problem solving

The first year course in the Ross Program is organized around a series of daily problem sets in number theory. These sets invite the participants to contemplate a variety of seemingly simple questions about numbers and their relationships. As the summer progresses the students are encouraged to investigate these questions in increasing depth, and to return to them periodically as their skill at abstract reasoning and their collection of available tools become more powerful.

This spiraling of concepts is summarized in the Ross Program’s motto:

“Think deeply about simple things.”

To realize this idea, we concentrate on one central theme, rather than touching lightly on many disjoint mathematical topics. Ross students spend the entire summer focusing their attention on integers and their properties.

The term begins with investigations of topics involving prime numbers and modular arithmetic.

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