Summer Research Scholars Program
Summer camp/program
Minneapolis, USA
www.heart.... rs-program
2231 6th Street SE 4-156 CCRB 2812A Minneapolis, MN 55455
About us:

The Lillehei Heart Institute offers annual summer research scholarships in basic science research related to cardiovascular disease. These highly competitive, prestigious scholarships are designed to expose highly qualified students to several disciplines within cardiovascular disease research and its clinical applications. Each scholar will be supported by a research scholarship. The major focus will be intensive basic or clinical research as each scholar will be assigned a laboratory and a faculty mentor. In addition, scholars will be introduced to clinical, industrial, and academic medicine through a variety of field trips, seminars and hands on experiences. Weekly seminars by faculty and industry leaders will be given to offer the scholar a window into career opportunities in cardiovascular science and medicine. The goal of these scholarships is to encourage medical and scientific careers in Cardiovascular Medicine.

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