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International student - what colleges should I apply to?
Hi Zhuoyan - you can include all this in your profile here on RoundPier and no need to write everything in the post. Your academic and EC background is excellent. We don't encourage students to worry about their nationality when it comes to admissions nor do we like to speculate about anyone's chances to get into particular college. In fact, your experience as a Chinese national in Japan could be unique. If MIT, Columbia and Stanford are your dream schools you should definitely apply! Btw, we just launched Columbia group here www.roundp... network/49 - feel free to ask questions there too.

Here are some thoughts on your profile and schools

- you have some amazing ECs but it is great to see a key theme that describes you; definitely need to pick a subject for your essays that can summarize your interests and passion (perhaps a combination of nanotech and arts)
- there are a number of great schools with good engineering programs you should be looking at including CMU, UPenn, UIUC, UMich, Purdue, Cornell, JHU and few others
- in terms of the schools you are applying a lot depends on whether you need financial aid or not, for example Stanford may not be as generous as MIT or Columbia; we have published the list of schools that provide good financial aid for international students here www.roundp... l-students

Happy to provide more feedback.

RP Team
Zhuoyan Li
Zhuoyan Li

Keishin High School