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Hi! I know Vanderbilt hosts a weekend academy for high school students, are you guys familiar with any other colleges that do this type of program?
Columbia does it as well. Check out their saturday immersion program
Hi everyone! I have a brother in 7th grade. He is very smart in math and interested in business and possibly engineering. I was wondering if anyone had any online or in person (we are locating in the Northshore of IL) opportunities he could get involved in. Thanks!!
My school doesn’t offer Mock Trial and I am very interested in the club. Does anyone know if one can partake in this independently in the Chicago land area?
Hi! I just wanted to share my group (AP US Government and Politics). I hope if you plan on taking the course next year that you will join the group.

Event Chair and Founding Member @ North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic (former Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic)

Learn To Be Tutor @ Learn To Be

Human Rights Club @ Deerfield

Next year will be my Sophomore year of high school. I am wondering if I should take Child Development or Introduction to Business? I’m really torn on which class to take.....
Hi Samantha - these are very different classes so it is difficult to suggest anything here. Depending on what you plan to major in college it may be useful to take one or the other class. If you have any plans to focus on Education then Child Development is a much better class. Generally, we recommend taking more specific courses like this while in school as Intro to Business is a very generic class and you may not learn that much (again depends on curriculum). Having said that Business course may also be very interesting and interactive course.

RP Team

Third Place @ Deca Regionals

Secretary @ Holocaust Teen Executive

Hi I live about 20 minutes out of the city of Chicago. I am looking for volunteer opportunities and/or teen boards to get involved in. I am 15 and a freshman in high school. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Developers Society @ Online

fundraising chair for Holocaust Teen Exec @ Deerfield

DECA @ Deerfield High School

Israel Club @ Deerfield High School

Student Congress @ Deerfield High School

Hi! I am looking for clubs, activities and volunteer programs to get involved either during the school year or summer in Illinois. I am located about a half hour out of the city. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I could get involved in. I am also open to online programs. Thanks!
Depends on what you're interested in... for example if you're in finance you could do a HBX (Harvard Business School) online course that offers certificates (and college credit, if you pay) in accounting, economics for business, scaling, entrepreneurship, etc., and look into shadowing various banks/hedge funds near Chicago (which I presume is "the city" in Illinois you are referring to) for a week or asking even for a summer internship. If you're interested in social justice/advocacy, lots of non-profit groups/food banks/NGOs in the area as well.

In short, find out first what you're interested in to narrow down what areas to look at. Second take full advantage of your geographical proximity to a city. It's easy to take for granted!
free summer programs
Have you seen this article? Not sure if any of these are free though
www.roundp... our-summer
If you are in Chicago, check out After School Matters. They give up to $750 stipend, and some incredible opportunities
I made a site with a couple of friends with a huge list of summer programs and it has quite a few that are free listed on there www.koalit... m/programs
Hey everyone!! I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for extra curricular programs I could get involved in outside of school, possibly online. I’m carious in various topics and open to any suggestions.
Have a look at Eduniverse - there are a few organizations like Developers Society or Reasons for Debate. Taking online classes is also a Cgreat way to discover and learn new things. Check out udemy or coursera.