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Fifth Place @ HackHSN Hackathon

Busser @ The Turning Point of Princeton

Is it worth it to take all honors your first year of high school?
Really depends on how comfortable you are with the subject...we have seen plenty of students taking AP and honors classes early in HS
I think you should as long as you can do well in the classes. Colleges definitely like to see a rigorous transcript starting from freshman year
It is a good idea to do but it depends on your motive. Do you want to take honors because it will be impressive or is that just something you want to do? I didn't take any honors during my freshman year and all my classes were super easy. Next year I took honors only because I wanted more of a challenge and less distraction from other children that didn't even want to be in class. So I took my honors classes in my sophomore year and they were a BREEZE. It was no harder than what I was used to, and the kids were better behaved so I was able to focus on my work. So it depends on the subject, and how you feel about honors classes. I suggest getting in touch with the freshman Honors teachers and asking them about the workload and things of that nature. I hope everything goes well for you.

Mercer County Kindness Award @ Mercer County Counselor’s Association

Camp Counselor @ West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

Best Overall PSA @ Cameo Film Festival

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