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Feb 11, 2019
I know a lot of people have asked this, but am I too late to start looking for internships/field jobs for this summer? It seems that for every internship that I look at the deadline has passed (at least for the Boston area ones which I am looking for)
10 months ago
We are adding some more things to Eduniverse so keep track of new things but there generally February is the month when a number of programs/opportunities have their deadlines. There are definitely other things to consider for the summer - finding an internship isn't easy for a high school student and only a handful opportunities are out there (something which we would like to change).

RP Team
9 months ago
Not sure what your personal financial situation is, but if you can have support from home (eg. housing) offer to go work someplace for free. I know lots of examples where people showed initiative, company liked it, designed an internship for them, and subsequently the next year was offered to intern again in a paid role. Of course not every company is like this and you'd probably want to target a smaller one.

Regardless, what's less important is where you work. What matters more is what you do, what you learn, and what you take away from it/can talk about it.
Sep 4, 2018

Soccer @ St. John's Preparatory School

Sep 4, 2018

St. John's Preparatory School