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My Chances? Good?
Thanks so much! Luckily I'm fortunate enough not to need financial aid, and am not applying for any scholarships. I am still applying to a couple Canadian schools, but would you recommend applying to more, for safety? I have a tough time finding schools popular for engineering, yet in places I want to study. Any recommendations for schools with in and around my stats, for engineering?
Recommend applying to more US* schools
Our view is that there is not point for you to apply to any safety schools in the US with much lower ranking than your list given that there are plenty of good schools in Canada. It will be substantially cheaper to get your degree in Canada so unless you are accepted into a good program it makes no sense to attend university in the US. BU, Northeastern and USD are good choices (Miami is ok too - seems like you prefer either New England or some place warm). So instead of safety we would suggest some other good schools as alternatives.

Amherst College - no engineering major but can still do science, math etc and dual in eng with Dartmouth.

Tufts - not easy but doable depends on relevant ECs.

UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UCLA are definitely worth a look.

Some other options Rochester, Lehigh, Penn State, Stevens and NJIT - decent programs with higher acceptance rates and reasonable employment prospects.

Ashbury College @362 Mariposa Ave, Rockcliffe Park, ON K1M 0T3, Canada