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Cyber security @ Google

Discrete math required for computer science @ University of California San Diego

Microsoft office specialist @ Infotech Center

Recipient of guineas world record and IIT-Bombay @ Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Robotics Lego Mindstorm NXT,EV3,Mbot Ranger and flying drone @ Kids Techie Club

Programming Python,Java,C,C++ @ Nahar Amrit Shakti

Basketball @ Nahar Amrit Shakti

Special mention @ DIPLOMATHON GLOBAL

Executive Board member @ DIPLOMATHON GLOBAL

Nahar International School

I am a high schooler and was hoping if I could get a internship or volunteer programs in field of computer science, Technology, engineering etc. Any country but preferred one is India. Please contact if you any opportunities for me
Have a look at LaunchX summer program at MIT, UPenn and Michigan
www.roundp... hd/launchx