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Founder of Knowledge Unbound @ Knowledge Unbound

Game Theory @ The University of British Columbia

Game Theory course @ Stanford University - Computer Science Department

Founder of Teachers Without Borders @ Teachers Without Borders

Good evening everyone,
I am the founder of Teachers Without Borders, we are a non profit organization which aims to aid middle school teachers with high quality education resources and materials. You can choose any subject or topic of your choice and make a chapter on it to help teachers.You can suggest us to add any other subject of your interest. We would recommend you to follow guidelines issued by CIE Checkpoint or MYP but it's not compulsory. You will gain Letter of recommendation from us after you have successfully created a chapter or completed your assigned rolewhich will strengthen your college or job applications, it will also help you for your CAS ( Creativity Activity Services) if you are a IBDP student. I believe a lot you will help us to achieve our goals and aims of helping teachers.
Our website link:
To apply for a content creator, social media curator, chapter president or executive board members positions mail us at:
Please send us if you have any questions.
Thank you for your time!
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Engineering mechanics @ Georgia Institute of Technology

Cyber security @ Google

Discrete math required for computer science @ University of California San Diego

Microsoft office specialist @ Infotech Center

Recipient of guineas world record and IIT-Bombay @ Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Robotics Lego Mindstorm NXT,EV3,Mbot Ranger and flying drone @ Kids Techie Club

Programming Python,Java,C,C++ @ Nahar Amrit Shakti

Basketball @ Nahar Amrit Shakti

Special mention @ DIPLOMATHON GLOBAL

Executive Board member @ DIPLOMATHON GLOBAL

Nahar International School

I am a high schooler and was hoping if I could get a internship or volunteer programs in field of computer science, Technology, engineering etc. Any country but preferred one is India. Please contact if you any opportunities for me
Have a look at LaunchX summer program at MIT, UPenn and Michigan
www.roundp... hd/launchx