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NYU responded offering me to apply to outside scholarships sources or look for loans. Would you say it is possible to accumulate this amount of money through scholarships? If so, which ones would you recommend?
Theoretically possible, realistically not (at least in my subjective opinion). I advise to look for potential scholarships here www.intern... larships/. Since the nature of your question is really general and subjective, giving specific and concrete response is really hard. That being said, try looking for the scholarships on Google, especially the ones that give preferences to students coming from your country. Good luck with your search!
Financial Resources for international students
Hi Anastasia.
First of all congrats!!! NYU is one of the best school in the States. But which campus did you get accepted? If it's Abu Dhabi Campus, they should cover your 100% demonstrated need. Also, is 50% scholarship merit or need-based aid? If you provide more info, I'd be happy to assist.
It's Shanghai Campus and the money comes from scholardhip and grant money provided by NYU Shanghai.
There are a few things to do. You can always try to negotiate financial aid (especially if you have alternative options), check out a number of outside scholarships available (not an easy task at this stage) and find a way to apply for student loans (likely will need a co-signer). Let us know where you are with NYU at the moment and hopefully we can make some concrete suggestions.
Hi everybody! I'm really interested to know my chances, so I can apply wisely.
I'm a senior (11th grade) in my country, alumna of US Department of State exchange program, last year I spent in the US.
My high school (s): My country - not competitive (GPA approximately - 10-11/12)
US - more competitive ( Accumulative GPA for one year - 4.286)
Class rank (in my country) - top 5%
SAT(1 sitting) - 1340, waiting for my second try scores
TOEFL - 112
Extra - curriculars:
Know 3 languages, learning French
Member of the Student Senate in my country
National Speech and Debate Association member, with state-level awards
US Dep. of State diploma for 150+ hours of volunteering
Officer of Key Club
Girl Scout
Student director in theatre producation
Workload: Took AP Politics, winner of state and city olympiads: English, Law, Biology,Geodraphy (in my country)
Created a UN club at US high school
Finished as top 10% student of my exchange organization
Volunteer as city represetative (of my exhange organization) for American Councils - organize monthly projects
Volunteer on constant basis
Most worried about my SAT
What are my chances for international affairs/political science:
-Columbia (dream university)
-Barnard College
-NYU Abu-Dhabi
-Univeristy of Chicago
-Boston College
-Brandeis University

Olympiads, participant of US exchange program

Debate @Columbine High School (South Pierce Street, Littleton, CO, United States)

Student Council @Gymnasia 31

Gymnasia 31