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Jakara Movement Non-Profit Member @ Buchanan High School

First Place - Experimental Design @ Science OlympaidFourth Place - Protein Modeling @ Science OlympaidFifth Place - Code Busters @ Science OlympaidSecond Place - Ping Pong Parachute @ Science OlympiadPrincipal Honor Roll 4x @ Buchanan High SchoolCSF 3x @ Buchanan High SchoolThird Place Team Regional @ Science OlympaidJunior Habitat 4 Humanity Treasurer @ Buchanan High SchoolEcolibrium Club Club Representative @ Buchanan High SchoolFIRST Monterrey Finalists/Champions @ Buchanan High SchoolRobotics Programmer @ Buchanan High SchoolFIRST Monterrey Regional Chairmans Award @ Buchanan High SchoolThe Ecolibrium Project Co-Founder @ Buchanan High SchoolThe Ecolibrium Project Chief Information Officer @ Buchanan High SchoolChess Club President Co-secretary @ Buchanan High SchoolFIRST Gracious Professionalism @ Central Valley Regional Center

Junior Habitat 4 Humanity Volunteer @ Habitat For Humanity Greater Fresno AreaClovis Botnical Gardens Volunteer @ Clovis Botanical GardenThe Ecolibrium Project Volunteer @ Buchanan High SchoolFIRST volunteer @ Buchanan High SchoolTree Fresno Volunteer @ Fresno StateCampus Cleanup @ Alta Sierra Intermediate School

Unheard Cries Club @ Buchanan High School

Valley Progressive Alliance Clubs @ Buchanan High School

Bears 4 Hope Club @ Buchanan High School

Asian Club @ Buchanan High School

Robotics @ Buchanan High School

Sikh Honors Society Club @ Buchanan High School

Junior Habitat 4 Humanity Club @ Buchanan High School

Chess Club @ Buchanan High School

Co-Founder @ The Ecolibrium Project

Math Team @ Buchanan High School

Science Olympaid @ Buchanan High School

Chief Information Officer @ The Ecolibrium Project

Chief Information Officer @ The Ecolibrium Project

Join the Ecolibirum Project, an Environmental Non-Profit Organization in the state of California working to alleviate the detrimental effects of Climate Change. To help our cause, please fill out this form and start your Ecolibrium Club at your very own school. To get the form please email: Thank You!

Math Team @ Science Olympaid

Math Team @ Science Olympaid

Buchanan High School