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Hi Ansh - you have great stats and ECs (by the way you can put it all into your RP profile here and make it your unique academic identity). There is no point for us to chance you - it makes no sense and we don't like to do it - we posted this recently in response to a number of chance me questions (www.roundp... /view/46). You have a good mix of schools on your list but given your stats and the fact that you are looking for financial aid you don't have top 3 schools that do give out a large amount of aid for international students (we published this some time ago and this could be helpful too www.roundp... s/view/17)

- Harvard
- Columbia
- Yale

We also suggest to add JHU and Chicago to the list.

And make sure your extracurriculars stand out on your application - you have lots and they look great but you need to pick a couple and focus on those (Economic Development Board internship and MUN are probably the ones that you should emphasize in your application but organic farming would be a great story for the essay too).

Give us a shout if you have more questions!
I was wondering if you could help me decide some schools to apply to
So coming in the Ivy+ category
which 2-3 out of these would you recommend(considering I need aid as an international)
Brown,Dartmouth,Northwestern, Upenn or Tufts

Also Coming to Liberal Arts schools
Which ones among
Davidson,Colgate,Washington and lee or Bowdoin

Also Could you recommend some cheap/merit based aid providing big public schools for international students( UMinn is one,but I am not sure how good its econ is)
We would chose Dartmouth and Colgate but getting financial aid there is not easy. Same as finding merit based aid for international students in state schools - this is almost impossible as all financial aid at public universities is for local students - and they are not cheap, UMinn tuition is around $40k for out of state students. But you can check WashU, Rochester and Morgan State (as they used to provide fin aid for international students too). In the end given your experience you should evaluate other options ie staying home and going to a good university vs spending a lot of money in the US (depending on college it might make sense but not always) vs studying elsewhere (plenty of options in Europe where for $10k a year or less you can also get a great education).
ansh jain
ansh jain

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