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Question about LinkedIn networking
Start by connecting with people you know. Then if you are working on a particular project or trying to get some advice you can try to connect with others. Most older professionals on LinkedIn don't want to engage with people they don't know especially high school students. If you approach someone ask a specific question or explain why you want to connect. The stuff you do on LinkedIn is unlikely to get a lot of recognition given the huge amount of other content - this is one of the reasons we built RoundPier - to create a unique community for HS students, educators/mentors and organizations.
I personally found LinkedIn relatively useless and it's hard to find relevant content for someone our age unless you have specific interests. However, occasionally, I do see some very good articles and posts. Also, it helps to figure out where alumni of certain colleges ended up etc.
Perfectly fine to use it but unlikely to get much benefit until you are in college or actually have some work experience

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