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About WiCode: WiCode is a newly-launched student-run organization that strives to bridge the gender and economical gap in STEM by creating opportunities such as hackathons, workshops, and accessible study material about tech.

Positions available:
1. Wix Designer:
-Should be familiar with Wix and basic code such as HTML or CSS.
-Can work with a deadline and reply within 24 hours.

2. Marketer:
-Should be able to come up with various strategies to recruit new members and expand the reach.
-Have some experience with social media marketing
-Help the organization to partner with other organizations.

3.CS curriculum developer:
-Be interested in STEM and create study material for beginners in CS.
-Have the basic knowledge of coding languages and scratch.

-Be fluent in English (spoken/written)
-Able to write about STEM-related topics.

5. Expansion Manager
-Help us expand and start chapter leads in various cities.
-Help us recruit members.
-Help us partner with other organizations.

6. Workshop Manager
-Help us set up workshops
-Select and contact various people to host a workshop.

Applications will be close on 30th Aug 2020. Email us at in case of any concerns.

To apply: docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Cosmo Verses is hosting its first workshop on Creative Writing. To register: docs.googl... p=sf_link.

About Cosmo Verses: Cosmo Verses is a student-led organization to support literary arts. We aim to bring all the young poets and writers from all across the globe together and make this their little home. We believe words have magic and that kind of magic cross all the barriers of language and place. We have members from 8+ countries.

When - 22nd August 2020 (11 AM CST)
Where - Zoom

Topics covered in the workshop:
1. About poetry and short fiction
2. How to edit line-by-line?
3. What to focus on when looking at a piece as a whole?
4. What constitutes good poetry?
5. How to use prompts?
6. How to overcome writers' block?

To be a member of CV:
Hello everyone!
Cosmo Verses - www.cosmov... - is a globally connected student-run organization. By far, we have 60+ members from 8 countries and 1000+ applicants.

We are looking for fundraising volunteers who would like to raise funds for the course we are about to develop about Creative Writing.

We provide volunteer hours too. You can apply here: docs.googl... sp=sf_link

If you would like to apply for some other position: form.jotfo... 3812091448
Cosmo Verses Internship

Volunteer @ Youth Empowerment FoundationDigital Marketing Intern @ Hamari Pahchan

First Prize @ NCSC

Director, Business For Charity @ M.L. Khanna DAV Public School

Student Council @ M.L. Khanna DAV Public School

M.L. Khanna DAV Public School