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Hi, what would be the best way to prepare for the biology Olympiad?
Chemistry/Biology Olympiad
How should I register? How should I study? Is the effort put in= to the boost it is on my college app? Or is there an alternative that can help my app more?
Hi Matthew - yes if you are interested in chemistry/biology this is a great way to improve your college app. Certain schools value subject olympiads more than the other - examples are MIT and Caltech seem to have strong interest in applicants participating in olympiads. For chemistry olympiads this is a good place to start (but also make sure to ask your chemistry teacher if they can recommend something) www.acs.or... mpiad.html and this also includes some past local and national to practice. For biology, use this link www.usabo-... y-olympiad - the registration is already open, see attached poster.

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