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YES! I started an organization that needs writers, editors, and more for our soon to be made website and instagram. Ill link a document about the organization, job positions, and the application!
APPLICATION- docs.googl... A/viewform
docs.googl... T-bSie/pub
Relief for the Middle East
Founder & President: Cecilia Barikhan
Due July 4, 11:59

This start-up organization is all about spreading awareness and accurate information on the crisis’ development in the middle east. There are many parts to this project that correlate to different passions and hobbies. If you are interested in international affairs, current events, human rights, writing, research, editing, leadership, marketing, social media, and/or web design, you are in the right place!

There are four main components to this organization:
1- The website
2- Social media (Instagram handle)
3- Branches/clubs

The website: To be built by the website development and web-marketing group will be filled with informative links, videos, and written pieces. To be given pieces by the writing committee for posts. To be edited by the editing chairs and directors. This website should hold accurate information to form an educated and unbiased information. It will be divided into sections marking informational, persuasive (political, argumentative, and opinionated), charities, subscription, and “start a chapter”. It will also be linked to the Instagram bio!

The Instagram: Instagram holds the key to being successful, it will need extensive marketing, design, and appeal. The marketing and social media team will be constantly working on Instagram in order to grow following, credibility, and impact. The goal is to spread awareness and help fundraise to causes related.

Branches/Clubs: As a starting organization, the launch is all about being recognized and growing. To help grow the organization, people will be allowed to join as members and start branches of the organization as clubs at their schools. This is keen on the growth of the organization.

Since the organization is brand new, we have MANY open positions! Anyone incoming ninth grade to twelfth is welcome and encouraged to join! The application will be linked below, along with job descriptions.

Jobs will be organized by committee, in order of highest to lowest position power. Vxmiqa2vh7

Requirements for ALL members:
Have an Instagram account
Be able to attend one zoom meeting a month (30 mins - 2 hours) for the whole organization, and however many your director requires/ directors will have mandatory director meetings, etc.
Be able to join remind AND slack (both on app store)
Be active on checking emails
Accountability and responsibility are keen
Good ability to work amongst a team

Main Board
Works under: President
Works directly with myself and holds designated committees to due dates and corresponds with the communication director regarding important dates, updates, ideas, and more. Ideally should meet once a month and communicate via a private Slack channel.

Vice President of Marketing- Overlooks SC/Marketing committee
Vice President of Social Media- Overlooks SC/Marketing committee
Vice President of Website Design- Overlooks Website committee
Chief Editor- Works along VP of Website committee
Secretary- Takes notes/ pre-makes agendas along with mainboard/ makes minutes at meetings
Communications Director- Works along President to give updates, submitted work, etc.
Fundraising chair- Works with the fundraising committee

Social Media/ Marketing
Works under: VP of Social Media & Communications Director
Plays a role in managing and growing the social media presence while using good marketing skills. This team should meet at least once a month and have a private slack channel. Posts and stories should be planned a week at a time.

Marketing Manager- Approves plans made by the group to forward to the VP.
Instagram Event Coordinator- Plans virtual events on the Instagram.
Account Manager- Manages and posts on Instagram.
Social Media Marketer Specialist-
Business Analysts- Uses the business account features to help identify and target an audience.

Website Development and Design
Works under: VP of Website Design & Cheif Editor & Fundraising Chair
Creates, runs, and grows the website to be inclusive to information, opinions, charities, and opportunities to grow the organization. No required meetings, just a private channel.
Senior Editor- Is responsible for making sure all writing pieces are clean.
Junior Editor- Sends an edited document to Senior editor after a round of edits.
Apprentice Editor- Works with the Assistant editor to make the piece better-fit criteria needed, specifically on conciseness.
Assistant Editor- Works with the Apprentice editor to make the piece better-fit criteria needed, specifically on grammar.
Writer- NEED MULTIPLE, Writes for the website.
Research Specialist- Finds articles, videos, and other links to add to the site.
Site manager- NEED MULTIPLE, Creates and sets up site
Site assistant- Be on call for helping the site develop aesthetically.

Fundraising & Charity Work
Works under Fundraising Chair
Finds charities to donate to and plans fundraising events (brainstorming for after COVID-19), get in touch with local businesses to find a way to donate.

Charity Scout- Finds good charities in the middle east to donate to (priority by need).
Fundraising Planner- Plans the amount/goals per charity and with time
Event Planner- Plans events (not possible right now), brainstorms for after COVID.

Outreach & Growth
Works under President & VP of Social Media
Sends out applications, encourages growth, and finds innovative ways to grow the team.
Ambassador Director- Manages all ambassadors: Set up a slack, a form, promote, and grow the team.
Ambassador Assistant- Send out acceptance emails, review applications, and help.

HERES THE LINK... Vxmiqa2vh7

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