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After VirtuSkool's official launch day August 15, 2020, we will organize and host competitions in Math, Science and English. These competitions will be in the form of tests, projects and/or essays. Please sign up if you would be interested in helping manage these competitions and be involved in grading/judging.

VirtuSkool is an organization that provides free academic resources and blog. Competition materials will be provided to participants.

Here is the link to sign up: docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Hello everyone! If you have a quick article/piece of art/writing/literally anything else that you want to have published, sign up for our blog and post it there!

Here is a link to the blog section of our website: virtuskool... ool/blog-1

On the top right corner there is a sign up button. Once you sign up you are free to create any posts of your choice (keep in mind that the blog will be monitored for any inappropriate content). Have fun and please consider contributing!

Math Tutor @ Beast Academy

Web Developer @ Inteenship

Editor @ Cosmo Verses

Web Developer @ Cosmo Verses

Vice President of Technology @ The Secret Garden of Books

Founder and President @ VirtuSkool

Westwood High School