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Am I doing alright?
Hi Lila - you can add your ECs and GPA/SAT to your profile (go to 'Settings') so next time you don't need to repeat your story.

You are doing just fine! You GPA is great and 1250 on PSAT is a good result and puts you somewhere in the top 10% for your grade. Regarding STEM vs Humanities, every college is different and Middlebury, in particular, has a number of great humanities programs including one of the best languages departments in the US (and some very good study abroad programs in Russia, China etc and summer language school for HS students). Once you get closer to applying we will be happy to suggest a few more schools similar to Middlebury.

Keep working on your ECs and your SAT math. You can check out what others are doing here on RoundPier and find good ideas for summer programs and internships.

Give us a shout if you have more questions!
You're only a freshman and you are doing great! Don't worry about colleges reaching out to you, bigger institutions normally don't as they have many students interested in them. I recommend that you show some sort of direction. You have lots of clubs but they don't show what you are passionate about. Maybe try to show a common theme. Colleges really like it when you are unique and have done outstanding in one way or another. If you care about politics, I know some news sites you could write for. Move your focus to outside of school and really set an eye on something you are passionate about.
Lila Elrod
Lila Elrod

The Harpeth Hall School