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What’s the best way or resource to get scholarships and grants?
How can I have the fee waived for college applications? I want to apply to a few schools but I really don’t have enough money for the applications. Is there any way around that?
Hi Erika - you can post in US College Apps Group or Eduniverse so more people can comment.

This is the most relevant list of colleges accepting fee waivers

bigfuture.... g-colleges

It also depends if you are in or out of state for some colleges.

Some universities have no application fees. A good example here

www.baylor... /gobaylor/

But you can do more research and see what other schools offer fee waivers.

RP Team
Foreign Universities
Hi Erika - which countries are you interested in?
I’d like to study in South Korea. I already know the language well.
No it's definitely not much more expensive that US - application fee is around $80. In terms of documents etc it is not much different from what you would need to present for the US schools. You will have an advantage as unlikely Korean students you wouldn't need to take their national exam which is much harder than SAT. KAIST is one of the top universities in Korea and you can check their admission guidelines here

admission.... inal22.pdf