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Just an update! I got accepted into New York University with a full scholarships through early decision 1! I will be majoring in educational studies! Three things that in my opinion that set me apart were: My recommendations, extracurricular and essays. Make sure to get to know your teacher so you can get a strong rec, devote time into things you are passionate for, so you can gain a leadership position, spend a lot of time on essays and make sure you have people review them.
Why did you choose NYU?
what's the scholarship called?
and congrarts
NYU 2024!! full scholarship!!
Congrats! That’s amazing!
Bruh i thought full scholarship there wasmt possible but nice i live in NYC see you there!
Remember to start FAFSA ASAP

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Some good tips here!!!
Interview Questions
What about college interviews? Are they similar?
For the most part, these are generic questions that can be asked
Summer Job
Many college decisions are out! Let us know how you did??
Resume Building/Cover Letter articles!
Here's a summer oppurtunity if your from the NYC area: applicatio...
If your from the NYC area, check it out!

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"Fun question"
I am was wondering about this for international students, how do you get the grade? Anything online where I can take the course?
I would suggest to contact College Board, and they will name for you best providers for AP courses. I've heard that Phoenix University and Arizona State are pretty good ones.
Question: Do you think the ap or your grade in an ap class has a greater impact? both?
My personal opinion: no matter what is your AP Test result or grade in AP class you will benefit of taking a course anyway: when you take this class in college you will be definitely much better prepared. So - relax, work hard, understand a subject, and all of it will lead you to a good grade in a class, and most likely to a good AP Exam result.
Good Luck!
P.S. Should you have any AP Calc questions please do not hesitate to ask
Studying Abroad
It does. Studying abraod is pretty unique in my opinion, but its not like going to gurantee you into harvard. However, it wouldnt hurt to have it on ur app or just learn from the experience
Dont worry about college apps. The reality is no one knows what can get you into Harvard (apart of course legacy, donations and sport as was just highlighted in Harvard trial) but doing stuff you like and can actually learn something from as well as meet new people will make a difference long term. We have just posted an interesting video on this point here.
Do it! Its a lot of fun and you can meet new people. I have done something similar last summer in europe and it was great. Also a chance to get out of the bubble we live in and see what people outside of the US are doing

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