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I'm a junior (haven't taken sat yet) but I'm really interested in finance/economics.
3.65/3.75 gpa
Only 1 ap but I'm planning to take at least 4 more next year
All honors/ib/ap classes except math classes fr. and soph. year
decent ec's, subpar not considering sports
1270 on psat - I'm hoping for around 1400 give or take on sat
Schools: Umich, Northeastern, Boston College, Boston University, Indiana University, UNC, Villanova, Georgetown, NYU

Some of these schools (NYU, Indiana, Villanova) are relatively easy to get into, but i've heard their business programs are much harder to get into.

If you could chance me at any of these that would be great.
Hi Jacob - saw your post here. You can put all these details in your profile. The best place to ask the question about colleges is Eduniverse or US College Apps group. Your information is wrong - none of these universitoes are easy to get into especially NYU.We are happy to provide more feedback but we don’t speculate on exact chances of getting into a particular university as this makes no sense.
Ok thanks, I don’t really know how this works haha. I believe NYU has an acceptance rate of around 30ish percent, but stern is about 12%. I didn’t mean they’re easy to get into, but that their business programs are much more competitive than other ones.
Indeed, Stern is much tougher to get into but it is also better placed with recruiters and many top jobs go to Stern graduates first. If you are interested in finance Stern should be your top choice. Having said that, being in NYC and having access to top finance recruiters is already a big advantage so going for a more general degree in Math or Economics can still get you a great job in finance.

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