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Georgia Tech Global Economics and Mod Lang or University of South Carolina International Business?
Hi there - if this is a parent posting please re-register as a parent or have your child build a profile based on which we can provide better feedback.

Based on the information you provided, GT should be his top priority for a few reasons

- much higher ranked than South Carolina (esp globally) and better know around the world, if your son is interested in pursuing international career GT is a better option (while we are not particularly interested in rankings here it does make a difference when one is going in finance, economics etc)
- while it is more known for engineering, other departments are very good too and quality of companies/positions coming to recruit there is excellent
- the reality is in order to find a decent job or get into grad school he will need to maintain solid GPA no matter where he goes (likely higher than 3.3)

Combing with the fact that it is likely to be much cheaper GT seems like a no brainer. But of course, he is the one who needs to make the final decision. SC is a good option but your son will probably have more opportunities after GT.
Bryce Mathis
Bryce Mathis