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Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 3)
7 months ago
Great advice on recommendations!!!
Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 2)
Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 1)
1 month ago
Hello Sohbet, thank you for the fruitful post!
Jan 9, 2019
Absolutely worth reading:
medium.fre... fcf52c0650

My final comment: sometimes luck does play a role :)
Dec 30, 2018
Happy New Year Everyone,
As college applications deadline wrapping up, I want to first congratulate every one of your for your hard work and dedication towards your application.

I want to create a serial of weekly posts regarding the application process in US that might be helpful in making your application. Let me know if you guys think this would be helpful.

Jun 29, 2018
Amazing opportunity to get involved...
May 3, 2018
Importance of doing something meaningful isn't not an option anymore, but rather a necessity in order to get into a top college.
Nevertheless, love of learning should always be held as the first priority.

Going to summer programs is a great way to showcase your love of learning, even after school ends )))

Check out the list of pre-college summer programs for high school students in prestigious colleges:
www.bestco... -students/
Feb 22, 2018

Global Recruitment Commitee @Columbia University

Feb 22, 2018

Global Recruitment Commitee @Columbia U

Feb 22, 2018

Silver Medal in National Science Olympiad in 2015

US colleges that give full scholarships
Feb 18, 2018

Columbia University