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Ways for International Students to Gain More Post-Graduation Experience in the US
Great post Sohbet!
I agree. A lot of international students have no idea what their options are after they graduate
Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 3)
Hi, this was very helpful to read but i have a question:
So I do have one teacher on my list to write me a letter of rec, but would it be a wise idea to ask my counselor & my church leader for letters of recommendations too?
I feel that it’d help colleges see me in more than one way from people i’m close to (who aren’t teachers). But would it hurt my chances or benefit me? Please let me know (: Thank you very much!
It is usually 2 teachers and counselor - check with each college. Some require just one or two teachers and recommend another one from counselor, some require all 3. Letters outside of school will not hurt your chances but unlikely to benefit you. It has to be an extraordinary letter from someone who may be close to college or an admission officer may know about to really help your chances. Or a letter from someone you have worked with and made significant contribution (i.e. professor, manager etc.) but I would advise against submitting too many recommendation letters.
I understand the key is to have recommendations from different teachers say science and history. And yes counselor recommendation is very important.
Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 2)
Sohbet's Guide to College Admissions (part 1)
Hello Sohbet, thank you for the fruitful post!
Thanks Sohbet!
Absolutely worth reading:
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My final comment: sometimes luck does play a role :)
Happy New Year Everyone,
As college applications deadline wrapping up, I want to first congratulate every one of your for your hard work and dedication towards your application.

I want to create a serial of weekly posts regarding the application process in US that might be helpful in making your application. Let me know if you guys think this would be helpful.

Importance of doing something meaningful isn't not an option anymore, but rather a necessity in order to get into a top college.
Nevertheless, love of learning should always be held as the first priority.

Going to summer programs is a great way to showcase your love of learning, even after school ends )))

Check out the list of pre-college summer programs for high school students in prestigious colleges:
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Global Recruitment Commitee @Columbia U

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