Our story

RoundPier team is a group of entrepreneurs, educators and technology enthusiasts but most importantly parents and students on a mission to create a unique global education community.

We believe in the power of learning from others. As students, we are eager to participate in opportunities to grow and achieve our goals. As parents, we labor over finding the right academic and extracurricular activities, programs, and organizations for our children. We originally thought about how helpful it would be if a place existed where we could see what others were doing and interact in a community of students, parents, teachers, tutors, and other stakeholders in the academic and extra-curricular hemisphere. This became the inspiration for RoundPier.

As RoundPier developed, it reaffirmed how students, their parents, educators and other education-related professionals were all experiencing a similar and fundamental problem – the lack of knowing what their peers were successfully doing to grow. Our dream for RoundPier is to be the dedicated community where all can come to connect, share, interact, and learn from one another. We want to eliminate the fear of missing out and increase the hope of better reaching one’s full potential.