Benefits of joining the Ambassador Program

  • Become part of RoundPier team and earn a special designation on your RoundPier profile (Ambassador badge)
  • Become a thought-leader and get your articles shared with the community
  • Learn marketing and leadership skills and boost your resume by including this experience; have an opportunity to intern with RoundPier after 2 months in the ambassador program
  • Attain a recommendation from RoundPier founders or management team
  • Receive VIP access to new opportunities and competitions before they are posted on RoundPier
  • Receive special mentorship opportunities from older students and industry experts
  • Get the opportunity to be part of RP promotional videos
  • And a lot more!

What is expected of an Ambassador?

  • You will be assigned RoundPier Groups and Discussions based on your passions; ignite conversations and provide advice to other students
  • Promote RP through social media, events and emails within your school and beyond
  • Create pages for your clubs, programs and organizations (if not there already)
  • Continually invite others to join RoundPier – minimum 3 new people every 2 months
  • Share ideas and suggestions for improving RoundPier
  • Fill out bimonthly reports regarding your progress
  • Follow other assignments we provide during specific times

How do I join?

  • Fill out this Ambassador Application to indicate interest and confirm that you have successfully invited at least 3 people to RoundPier
  • Make sure to complete your profile to show current activities, interests and things you would like to get involved in the future
  • Send a message to RoundPier Team or if you have any questions