We are excited to announce the launch of the RoundPier Ambassador Program. We created the Ambassador Program to recognize active community members and empower them to share their passions with others (i.e. programming, science, entrepreneurship, sports, etc).

Benefits of joining the Ambassador Program

  • Earn a special designation on your RoundPier profile
  • Become a thought-leader in the RoundPier community
  • Boost your resume by including this experience
  • Attain a recommendation from the RoundPier team
  • Receive VIP access to new opportunities before they are posted on RoundPier, such as job &volunteering opportunities and program applications
  • Receive special mentorship opportunities from college students and industry experts
  • Work with the RoundPier team and gain insider perspective about tech start-ups

What is expected of an Ambassador?

  • You will be assigned RoundPier Groups and Discussions based on your passions
  • Create and post a minimum amount of content (i.e. relevant articles, questions to stir conversation, etc) per month in your assigned Groups and Discussions
  • Invite and successfully have a minimum number individuals join the RoundPier community within 30 days of becoming an Ambassador
  • Continually invite others to join RoundPier to specifically see your content
  • Share ideas and suggestions for improving RoundPier
  • If your school and/or program is not on RoundPier, create a page on their behalf

How do I join?

  • Send a message to RoundPier Team or info@roundpier.com to indicate your interest
  • Tell us why you want to become an Ambassador
  • Make sure to complete your profile to show current activities, interests and things you would like to get involved in the future

Our community is growing and we are excited to be part of building special place for like-minded students & educators from around the world to connect.

RP Team