For students

Connect, interact, and learn from your peers around the world

Showcase your academic and extra-circular achievements and experiences, while absorbing those from others.

This is like no other social network

This online community is all about sharing and discussing academic and extra-circular activities and achievements. We are here to celebrate the success stories as well as help you on your way there.

For parents

Actively participate in your child’s growth and promise

Eliminate the fear of having your child miss out on opportunities and fall behind relative to his/her peers. Connect with others, learn from your peers, and find qualified enhancers and activities to further your child’s development and potential.

We work with you to ensure a community of trust

It takes a secure and safe village, to help prepare children for the future. We are also parents and take online security seriously

For teachers & schools

Cultivate stronger relationships with your students and their circle of influencers

Develop deeper relationships and better participate in your students’ development through our unique community. Promote your school’s activities and events as well as find the right student and teacher fit for your curriculum.

Further develop your potential

Becoming actively part of this dedicated educational network will help you grow personally and professionally.

For enhancers & organizations

Discover and connect with talented and driven students and their parents

Tutors, coaches, after-school and summer programs and all other education providers, this is also a platform for you. Find qualified and interested students, parents and educators to market your services to.

Promote your business and passion in helping others learn and succeed

You are an important ingredient to the maturation and development of one’s potential. Interact with this community to further build your reputation and showcase your references and successful clients.