BU Vs Northeastern Vs Babson Vs UIUC for business undergrad

BU Vs Northeastern Vs Babson Vs UIUC for business undergrad

Hey, I'm from India. I've been admitted to all these places in the respective business schools and I'm having a tough time deciding between these for business and for a prospective career in banking/consulting. What is important for me is the career opportunities, campus life, the crowd and social life.

At BU, I was impressed by the reputation of the Questrom School of Business and their amazing career development services. They have also been ranked #6 for employment by Times Higher Education. However, I've read that the campus is not very good and there is not much of a traditional college feel.

For Northeastern, they have a nice campus and CO-OP which I've heard is pretty amazing and helps in employment to a extent. Also, they've been coming up a lot in the recent years and constantly boosting up.

For Babson, I love the close knit business environment. Babson has an amazing reputation for business, specially internationally. However, I've been told it's not very good for finance and for employment. I see myself fit at Babson, but the employment factor is kind of worrying.

At UIUC, the accounting program is very reputed and I can double major in finance and accounting. The Gies School of Business just received a $150M reputation and they're increasing the focus on business. However, it's mostly known as an engineering school and the location isn't as great as Boston.

Cost is not much of an issue for me. Please help me decide.

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BU Vs Northeastern Vs Babson Vs UIUC for business undergrad
Hi Akshat

as someone who went to BU and then ended up in business/finance I can probably provide some advice

- it will be tough to get top IB role in NYC (London or Hong Kong) after any of these schools but doable (in my case I had to do Masters to find a job)
- traditional finance industry is shrinking and you don't know what it will look like in 4 years so keep your options open
- a lot of employers are looking for quant skills these days so my suggestion would be to take as many quant classes (math, CS etc)

BU is a great place and you will probably feel like home there due to a number of international students. Boston is a great place for foreigners and I am sure you will love the place. But there aren't that many BU alums in finance or consulting although a number of my friends have landed good jobs in big 4, corporate etc.

I agree with our team's comments above on UIUC - the school has great reputation these days.

I would choose between BU and UIUC. Send me a message if you have any other questions.