Undergraduate Data Science Programs

Undergraduate Data Science Programs

As data science is becoming a more important field many students are interested in pursuing this as a major during their undergraduate studies. Historically, more graduate programs focused on data science and prepared students for a career in this field. While there are plenty of related majors including statistics and computer science that could land you a job in data science there are a number of new bachelor programs being offered by universities.

We compiled a short list of opportunities here:

Case Western Reserve University - Data Science & Analytics

Columbia University - Data Science

Drexel University - Data Science & Analytics

Marquette University - Data Science

Northeastern University - Data Science

Penn State - Data Sciences

Purdue University - Data Science

Simmons University - Data Science and Analytics

Smith College - Statistical and Data Sciences

Temple University - Data Science with Concentration in Computation and Modeling

Tufts University - Data Science

UC Irvine - Data Science

UC San Diego - Data Science

UMass Dartmouth - Data Science

University of Michigan - Data Science

University of Rochester - Data Science

University of San Francisco - Data Science

William & Mary - Self Designed Data Science 

Yale University - Statistics & Data Science

And there are many other universities in the US and abroad that offer data science or related courses. Do your own research and see what you are really interested in but as we already see data science as profession is not going anywhere.

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Undergraduate Data Science Programs
You should add UC Berkeley to this list.