Chance US Student Looking at International Schools

Chance US Student Looking at International Schools

Title explains it. I'm looking at:
UK: Uni of Edinburgh, LSE, UCL, Kings College and St. Andrews
France: Sorbonne (Paris IV) and Science Po Reins
Canada: McGill

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US Student Looking at International Schools
Hi Quentin - what are you planning to study?

Generally we don't like to speculate on chances but hope to provide useful advice for our members. Here a few points based on our experience and your profile

UK: Edinburgh is probably a good match for you, great place (apart from the weather) and has a number of international students. LSE and UCL have become very competitive in recent years especially for international students but location is great (same for King's). A few other schools which could be alternatives for St. Andrews and well regarded in the UK and abroad are: Warwick, Bristol and Exeter - in fact, we suggest to look into these more closely.

France: Given your fluency in French you should definitely apply and have a reasonable chance at these two. There are a number of other schools we could recommend depending on your major.

Canada: McGill appears to be very focused on academics and given grade deflation it is probably the toughest to get into from your list. We had a post here on McGill - have a look www.roundp... s/view/38.

We did publish this article (www.roundp... ns/view/3) on studying abroad and your plan to find a school outside of the US makes a lot of sense!

Give us a shout if you have more questions!
I plan on studying Philosophy
A few more schools to look at

UK: Durham
Canada: UBC
France: Strasbourg