What other colleges should I look at?

What other colleges should I look at?

I'm a current senior looking to major in engineering. Do I need more safeties/ targets? Also, what other suggestions for schools do you have? (I don't know if it matters but I am a white female)
-Princeton (defered SCEA)
-Carnegie Mellon

-Boston University?


I take mostly H and AP courses. And my weighted GPA is a 4.774/5.3
I would prefer my schools to be within driving distance from NJ.

Senior year courses: Multi Variate Calc H, AP Physics C, AP Lit, AP Econ, AP Human Geo, AP Spanish Language(I've taken Spanish for 4 years), Holocaust and Genocide H, Ceramics 2

Leadership: Red Cross Club-current president & secretary last year ( 3 years)
More for Matheny- current co-president & secretary last year
Girl Scouts- working on gold award

Am I aiming too high?
I visited what I consider to be my reaches & my Carnegie Mellon interviewer said I had a good chance of acceptance because I am a white female interested in engineering taking multivariable calc.

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What other colleges should I look at?
Thank you! I haven't quite figured out what type of engineering yet. I would really prefer not to go to a state school, like penn state because a large majority of people from my school always go to either penn state, rutgers or other big state schools nearby. I actually have credit to RIT from taking a few PLTW courses. I was told that Northeastern shouldn't be one of my targets because its acceptance rate is around 30%, but I'm in the top 10% of my grade and when I use the scatterplots, I am near all of the people from my school who have been accepted to Northeastern. I was also wold that Lehigh shouldn't be a math because of its acceptance rate. Would you agree with this? (I was told this on another forum) I want to make sure I know where I'm definitely applying for January 1. :)
You are probably overanalyzing this so have a look at the post we had a couple of weeks ago in response to a number of people asking us to chance them www.roundp... s/view/46. You should aim high with your profile but you do need to have a few schools that you are definitely going to get in and enjoy your time there.

The point we are trying to make when comparing state schools like Rutgers and Penn State is that if you look at their engineering programs they are probably as good, if not better, than BU or Northeastern's (while much cheaper). Both Lehigh and Northeastern have become more competitive in recent years. Our suggestion is to ignore the numbers but simply try to find as many good schools that you like as possible and apply. Some other ideas for more competitive programs: JHU and Tufts.
Ok, thank you so much!