Can I get in?

Can I get in?

What colleges do you think are within my reach?

My top choices are
-Washington University
-UC Berkeley

I am only a sophomore in high school so I haven't taken the ACTs or SATs and I don't know what my gpa will be like but this is what I know so far:

My Gpa is a 4.05 (out of 4.6)

I do not have any honors classes but the APs I will have by the end of senior year are
- World History
- English 11
- English 12
- U.S History
- European History
- French
- Human Geography or U.S government

- President of UNICEF club
- Model U.N (may become president)
- Debate
- Volunteer with temple
- Babysitting (at least twice a week)
- Work for my mom's store
- (maybe) Internship at law firm

I also took a class at Brown over the summer on International Relations and I will be doing a semester abroad next year in Israel.

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Can I get in?
Hi Jordyn - few things first

- it is too early to worry about particular schools if you are a sophomore
- anything is within your reach at this point given your current stats - we don't really like to speculate on your ability to get into any college
- have fun in school and keep finding things you enjoy doing and achieve great results in those ie MUN, volunteering etc (and many more)

If you are planning to major in international relations Georgetown is a top school in this field and is probably the most difficult to get into. Your extracurriculars are particularly important here. McGill on the other hand is more academically focused and will evaluate you mainly on the basis of your grades/scores (we had a few posts on McGill in Eduniverse which may be helpful). You have to find/participate in more activities / summer programs in the next 2 years that confirm your interest in this field. See our new US College Apps group where some of these things are discussed www.roundp... s/view/15.