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Hi everyone :)

Would you like the opportunity to organize and teach underprivileged 5-9th graders programming?

Check out www.coders...! We currently have one active and two defunct branches, so we are quite small and thus your input will matter a lot. We have one class in progress: in fact, we're teaching next week! We're looking to expand next year.

Please let me know if you're interested. Private message me about your programming-related experiences and your visions for a branch, and let's talk.
Great opportunity! Consider posting in the Active Recruiting for NGO/Podcasts group as well since most of the people in that group are looking for opportunities like this
@Sean Cai Thank you for the suggestion! I'm quite new to this platform :)
I see that a lot of you people are in age group of 14 - 17 years. Having participated in Google Summer of Code program, I think a lot of you might be interested in something called Google Code-In

codein.wit... m/archive/

It is meant for exposing 13 - 17 year old students to the world of open source. In case you are hearing Open Source for the first time, it simply refers to the code of a particular software or library being publicly available to view and edit. In case you are using Firefox, it is open source as well !

Many powerful softwares are open source, since a large community of interested contributors all over the globe play a role in designing it.

The feeling of having successfully contributed to an Open Source library is quite unparalleled. For example, last year I contributed to CERN's ROOT library ( e852cc28).

You can do it too ! Get started by applying to Google Code In and begin your awesome journey into the world of Open Source.
Arif, thanks so much for your advice!
@Mohammad Islam
Hi Mr.Islam,
RoundPier is not the place to advertise your IT solutions firm. It is a place for students, teachers, mentors, tutors and others in academia.

I suggest you delete your comments and other posts advertising your Fiverr profile, otherwise you will be likely removed from this site.
Hi, People.

I'm new here. Currently a final year student of Computer Science. I specialize in Java, Python, C/C++. I was a tutor on Chegg for the last two years with > 97% approval rating. Looking for a change and open to tutoring opportunities here on RoundPier. Do contact me if you are looking for a tutor in programming !
Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Lin, and I am the Founder & CEO of Project Exchange, a youth-led, 501c3 nonprofit organization increasing access to cross-cultural learning opportunities for high school & college students through technology! We're currently launching a series of virtual field trips for classrooms around the world to hear from relatable mentors in the cybersecurity field, to educate and inspire students to explore cross-cultural collaboration in global cybersecurity & digital citizenship.

Project Exchange is inviting a limited number of students/classrooms (can be a physical classroom, before/after-school program, extracurricular program, etc.) to participate in a virtual field trip on Monday, June 3 and/or June 10.

This is an amazing opportunity for students to learn more about careers in cybersecurity, and hear from inspirational STEM mentors. Limited spots for the virtual field trip are available, so please RSVP here: f7VJzXYt9!

We have exciting mentors from T-Mobile, John Hopkins University, New America Cybersecurity Fellowship, and more! For example, our June 3 virtual field trip mentor, Dr. Ashley Podhradsky, is planning to share with students about current cyber attacks, cyber crime and how digital forensics is used to investigate incidents. She'll also discuss how she got into digital forensics, innovative techniques and the Digital Forensics for Cyber Enforcement lab at Dakota State University

This is open to middle & high school students, no experience is necessary except for an interest in technology/cybersecurity, and the field trip is held in English.
Unfortunately, the link doesn't work.
I’m taking AP comp sci A and principles next year. Any tips?
Hey Isabel,

You may find it helpful to start learning Java and Python over the summer if you don’t have any previous programming experience! This will give you a head start when class begins.

AP Comp Sci Principles requires you to write your OWN program by the end of the year, so be prepared.

Nevertheless, if you are passionate about technology and learning new things, it’ll be a breeze, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Yes doing some online classes over the summer is very helpful
You could do the Rice University's Python specialization over the summer. It's quite long but even doing the first four courses will be highly beneficial.

www.course... ndamentals
Hi everyone,

My name is Elaine Ly, and I'm the Head of the Virginia Branch for the nonprofit initiative Coding4Kids, co-founded by Mehak Garg and Shivali Gulati. We're founded upon the belief of accessible STEM education for everyone, and we're dedicated to equipping youth nationwide the skills they need for tomorrow's jobs. Current chapters have been opened in California and Virginia, which teach an audience of grades K through 6th about robotics, Scratch MIT, Python, and more.

With the help of a future extensive alumni network, we're hoping to expand our chapters even further in the coming years! We're recruiting passionate and ambitious student board members who would like to make a difference in their community while gaining teaching experience, leadership and interpersonal communication skills.

Recruits must have working experience with technology and must be easily contactable through the Slack app.

Sounds like you? Apply for one of many roles using our survey link:

docs.googl... K_YvN6m5v8

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Hey everyone! I'm Elaine Ly, and I've decided to create a Slack workspace for everyone and anyone interested in application development, website design, and just programming in general! Here, you can collaborate with other people from the RoundPier community.
I've teamed up with a few others on designing a website from scratch. You can help join the brainstorming process! If you want hands-on experience with HTML, CSS, and JS, go ahead and click the link.
If you're a creative thinker and want to pitch in with some new app ideas as well, hop right in.
Here's the link:
join.slack... zYwZjFmMDg
Happy coding!
Hey everybody! My name is Johnson Jin and am currently located here in Dallas. Almost a year ago, I founded a non-profit organization called Global Youth Coalition that is focused on the principles of education. Our mission is to help underprivileged communities, domestically and globally, with an emphasis on education. At GYC we believe education opens doorways to greater things and that it is our responsibility and purpose to help educate others. Global Youth Coalition is separated into smaller groups, or chapters, that allow us to have multiple points of influence not just throughout the United States, but in countries across the globe. Each individual chapter provides educational opportunities to a multitude of different communities that ultimately delivers a larger impact on a world-wide level. We have chapters that span from Pakistan, Turkey, China, California, and more. As we are always seeking for expansion, I would be happy to answer any questions and possible chapter start-ups at your location! Thank you for taking the time for reading this and feel free to shoot me a message!
HAX is a newly-founded nonprofit dedicated to helping people organize hackathons, with a specific focus on girls and disadvantaged minorities. We aim to provide all girls and minorities a chance to receive hands-on experience with programming and computer science, through bringing hackathons to high schools and overlooked areas everywhere! If this sounds like something you are excited and passionate about, HAX would love to have you join the Executive Team! Here is the information document regarding all the teams, roles within each teams, and requirements for each role: Here is the application where you can apply for the positions you're interested in: The application is due Friday, March 15, but preference is given to those who apply sooner!
Both links don’t work
Try removing the period (.) at the end of the link
Thank you for letting me know! The periods were accidentally included in the URLs. They are now fixed. :)
Are you a young person looking to drive bold social and/or environmental change? Looking for the tools, mentorship, and network to help you take the next step towards impact?

Wavve Incubator is a Gen-Z driven social impact platform that accelerates teen driven social ventures, and we're accepting innovator applications through Feb. 10 for our second cohort!
Our first cohort included 8 ventures disrupting in areas from peer-peer mental health platforms to social justice media companies along with a mentor network of over 50 business professionals and subject matter experts (LinkedIn Top Voices, Forbes 30/30, etc)

We’re looking for emerging leaders with next generation solutions. Apply at by Feb. 10th to join the movement.
If you are in NY or California check out this HS program at Google

Hi everyone! I'm Shivali, the founder and president of the local non-profit, Coding4Kids which serves elementary school children in the Milpitas Unified School District. We create coding curriculum and teach 85 students at several elementary schools the basics of Scratch. We are looking to expand our program through chapters to as many elementary schools as possible (even internationally!). The age group is students in third grade to sixth grade. We would provide you with the curriculum needed to teach. If you are interested in starting a chapter at one of the elementary schools near you, please contact me.
Who is building the curriculum?
Hi Derek! I actually create the curriculum on google slides so we can project the steps to writing the code on a bigger screen so all of the students can see it. Our current curriculum uses Drag N Drop and platforms like, MIT Scratch or Berkeley Snap. We choose this, as this is most likely the first time students have been exposed to coding. However, in January of 2019 I am working with a seperate team on curriculum which involves teaching students to build robots using Drag N Drop.

Wavve Incubator is looking for a high school/college-aged web designer and IOS developer! If you're interested in using your skills to drive bold, Gen-Z driven innovation, we'd love to consider you. Our resident graphic designers, web designers, and IOS Developers will work with our portfolio companies and offer advice and expertise for their design/development needs. This is an amazing opportunity to network with our mentors, partners, and interact with other Gen-Z entrepreneurs (you can get volunteer hours too).

*Web Designer, IOS Developer, and Graphic Designer are three separate positions. Please visit the following link for the job description and link to apply: oZZUzldu62

Direct questions to
Tech Leadership Opportunity!
Hi everyone,

I'm Russell and I'm here representing Tech Literacy for Seniors. We are a nonprofit (seeking incorp.) that basically provides tech help for seniors.

We are currently seeking motivated individuals who want to start chapters and serve as Chapter Presidents.

If you are interested, please visit our website russellyan... where you can learn more and sign up to a Chapter President.
Hi everyone. Our new website is Also, here's some more information about what we do:

Tech Literacy for Seniors is a program designed to help seniors become comfortable and capable with using their devices. We coordinate a network of chapters, led by Chapter Leaders and supported by student volunteers, which provide free tech help to seniors in the surrounding area. Typically, Chapter Leaders organize a group of volunteers and find a location to teach at (like a library). Then, they hold tech help sessions where student volunteers tutor the seniors one-on-one.
Hi! Your website seems to not be working. Did you perhaps switch to another website URL?
It looks like you've included the period within the link. You should try editing it!
Good list of courses if you are interested in app development

www.justin... e-courses/
I am interested in programming but I think eventually I would want to have a management role in a tech company. Will a liberal arts degree give me the opportunity to find jobs in the tech industry or is an engineering school the way to go.
Thanks! Pomona is one of my top choices so that is good to hear. Still not sure if it would have more value than let’s say a technology school or an ivy
Hey Jesse - I work at a tech company called Everbridge and was previously at a start-up and in VC. You're asking a great question. Unfortunately the answer is, it depends. If you want to be an executive responsible for Product Management or R&D, then yes, you'll need a technical degree and background. However, if you want to be an executive more on the business side such as Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Finance, then there is less of a need to have a technical degree.
Hi Eric, thanks for your response. I would still plan on majoring in computer science if I attend a liberal arts school. Is that not considered a technical degree? Furthermore, do companies usually promote engineers to become executives on the business side or are those people usually chosen from different backgrounds. Thanks
Hi, do I want to be a software engineer but I am confuse about the major that is eligible in order to become a software engineer
Computer Science is the closest college major
do y’all have any advice on how to get started on web development and programming? thanks!!
See some good comments and classes to take below in this group. I am also starting with udemy class.
I personally am using Colt Steele's "Web Developer Bootcamp" on Udemy. It's fantastic and is well reknown in the web development community. Check it out!:

www.udemy.... -bootcamp/
Good place for courses related to Blockchain world:
Yes!!! Udemy is great. I bought the one for Swift by London app brewery and I love it
Yes I tried some other Udemy classes
What are some of the cool app ideas to work on? Something basic as I am just starting with app development
Anything around you. Think about things you want to have an app for