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Good read about innovation!

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4 days ago
really good article!
Tech Leadership Opportunity!
Hi everyone,

I'm Russell and I'm here representing Tech Literacy for Seniors. We are a nonprofit (seeking incorp.) that basically provides tech help for seniors.

We are currently seeking motivated individuals who want to start chapters and serve as Chapter Presidents.

If you are interested, please visit our website russellyan... where you can learn more and sign up to a Chapter President.
1 month ago
Is this only for US students?
1 month ago
Hi Brent, Nope! We welcome international students to start chapters as well. By the way, here is some more information about the organization:

Our new website is

Tech Literacy for Seniors is a program designed to help seniors become comfortable and capable with using their devices. We coordinate a network of chapters, led by Chapter Leaders and supported by student volunteers, which provide free tech help to seniors in the surrounding area. Typically, Chapter Leaders organize a group of volunteers and find a location to teach at (like a library). Then, they hold tech help sessions where student volunteers tutor the seniors one-on-one.
With all the talk about AI I think it will never replace human intelligence - it can make some things easier but it will always be just another tool (like smart phones).

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3 months ago
I agree - translation is a good example
Good article about Udacity's ML and data science classed

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What are some of the things that will change our lives? I see a lot of discussions on AI here but is it really that big? There are other fields of technology and science that seem to be more important
2 months ago
I'm not sure if you guys have ever heard of CRISPR but its an upcoming genetics editing software / method which is pretty revolutionary. You should check it out. Here's a link to a TED talk on it

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2 months ago
not bad...
2 months ago
This is interesting @harrisspahic

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Here is a good article to continue the discussion on automation and robots taking away jobs ke-my-job/
This is a really interesting article about how we depend on AI, and how AI depends on human intelligence:

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1 year ago
The article makes sense. IMHO AI is overrated
11 months ago
I mean I can't argue against this article for present day and near present day AI, but what happens when it becomes near impossible to discern between AI and human interaction? At some point "human interaction" will be performed more efficiently by machines then a human mind. What then?

Here's a TED Talk where poetry is used to compare how well humans can discern the difference between an AI vs a human's work.

www.youtub... pkAqPEcMyE

Although the idea is far off and the article you sent is very relevant to today and really interesting. Thank you
Since this group is about new problems - we have one that we have been discussing here at RoundPier - what should we as humans expect with the rise of automation?

Many jobs are replaced by robots and more to come...AI capabilities are improving and some predict the end of the human race (although let's not go that far). But the issue we find interesting to address is the economic consequences of automation - what happens with people who lose their job to automation - some expect up to 50% of the jobs to be lost in the future. Many (including Bill Gates) suggest Robot Tax which could be used to educate and train out of work employees.

Others suggest universal basic income - Finland is already testing the idea - and people seem to be happy.

So what's the solution or should we even worry about it?
1 year ago
Who knows what the benefits are...seems interesting
1 year ago
A bunch of the fortune 500 companies are putting a lot of money into automated AI. For example, Boston Robotics was able to create a robot capable of righting itself after extreme applied force sponsored by google. It would seem AI is the future and both countries and companies themselves know it. With extensive funding it come sooner than we think, I think TED projected a 20 year prediction.
1 year ago
Who knows what the reaction will be. Personally I would advocate for a universal income based society where humans could work along side machines in select fields for increased pay. Kind of like a optional Utopia, but that's very liberal...Reality often isn't as clean cut and pleasant.
I have posted before a link to the amazing book "Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene. The author talks about the universe, complicated concepts and theories. Really great book to read and discuss!
1 year ago
I'm actually reading that book right now. It's absolutely amazing.
1 year ago
I've just read it and am rereading again! It's mind boggling. Fabric of the Cosmos is great too
Black holes are one of the strangest phenomenon of the known universe. They simply defy all logical reason. They are so massive that nothing can escape their powerful pull, not even light. Which raises the ever present question, what happens when mass enters a black hole?

Here are some links which might help spark discussion :

www.youtub... -P5IFTqB98
www.youtub... WO-cvGETRQ
www.youtub... ucdlR9EGbA
1 year ago
Can you specify on what you what you are trying to see? As in the effect, the eddie itself, etc.
1 year ago
Is there anything that we can see it all? Yes the eddie itself and if you get into this water black hole what happens
1 year ago
Well from my understanding you would be able to see the eddie itself since it would act the same as whirlpool. If you were to enter that eddie it would end up dragging you inwards toward its center and below its lowest point. The problem is that if you were to compare this with what would happen when you enter a black hole a few problems would occur.

# 1 ) A black warps both space and TIME ( or the space time fabric of the universe ), this means that by the time you enter its event horizon ( place where light cannot escape ) your at the largest space time curve in the universe and well that doesn't really occur in a small scale eddie.

# 2 ) The curvature of space due to gravity is 3 - dimensional. When you enter a ocean eddie, or whirlpool this space ends at the point where it hits the flat plane of water at the bottom of the vortex. A black hole would be that just vortexes in every single possible direction.