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My name is Isabella Schell. I am the Owner and Creator of Girls Educations Matter. I created GEM to raise awareness about the fact that, around the world, 130 Million girls will never step foot in a classroom and learn simple human rights like reading and writing. I also wanted to provide a quick and easy way fro people to find places to donate to and support this cause. I created a newsletter on my website called Our Voices and Stories to inspire young girls with stories of powerful and strong women around the world.

If you would like to check out my website or support this cause, go to my website girlseduca...

If you have a story you would like me to share on my newsletter, email me at
You may find a wider audience with RoundPier student coalition (RSC) which hosts the ambitious students and student NPO leaders on this site. Link for registration is docs.googl... responses.

Alternatively, consider posting on the group Active Recruiting for NGOs.
Any statistics on how many boys are affected?
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This is a forum dedicated to the advancement of women causes as they are the gender that is at a much greater disadvantage due to cultural and societal oppression.
My name is Deanna Sharpe and I am the founder of The Anthro Act. This service serves to discuss a typically forgotten field, anthropology. I am currently looking for writers and artists. This DOES NOT REQUIRE COMMITMENT. Whether you submit one submission or multiple, you will still receive credit for your work. This platform is just for fun and a way to express your own interests.

WRITING: All forms of writing are welcome whether it be poetry, prose, blog formatted, research style, etc. If you are interested in writing about a particular, culture, language, medical practice, historical, geological or biological study, nutritional lifestyle, etc. this is the place to do so. Anything from a haiku on a vegan lifestyle to a modern retelling of a folk tale to an abstract on a biological concept are acceptable.

ART: The Anthro Act is looking for artists with an abstract AND/OR doodle-like style OR portrait photographers. We are looking for depictions of humanity, culture, nature, language, history, social constructs, etc in whatever given way you see fit. You can choose to pair your art with a piece of writing or have your art piece be posted solo.

All of this content can be emailed to us at You can follow @theanthroact on insta for updates in the future. For more information, feel free to check our website: theanthroa... anthroact.
I’m looking for ACTIVE AND DEDICATED writers and people interested in assisting podcast productions to join my organization called MoDiv (Modern Divergence). Modern Divergence focuses on providing resources for children and teens with mental and developmental conditions. We steer from the stigma of “needing to be fixed” and focus on positive acceptance.

Email me at with a story plot or podcast episode idea to join the team!
Hey, one of my organization's (United Under Art) chapters is doing a fundraiser (through art commissions) to support artists affected by COVID-19. They're looking for artists to volunteer to do the commissions and people to commission works. It would mean a lot if this could be shared with more people.

more info on their IG: www.instag... art/?hl=en
Include this under updates tab on your organization profile and we can share it
For those that want more ECs and competitions- especially online ones- and/or want to promote their organizations to reach even more students:

Join this Discord server: and r/ECAdvice (subreddit)
Can you paste the discord link in the comment, it’s not letting us copy?
Want to find extracurricular opportunities related to what you're interested in?

Here is a list of student organizations (mostly nonprofits) that are recruiting: docs.googl... sp=sharing

There is a column that describes the fields related to the volunteer work each organization offers to better help people find something they're interested in.
Hello, my name is Serena Ding and I am a junior high school student in NYC. I am currently leading a global service project (called United Under Art) to help underprivileged children and elderly through art.

Our primary activities for the elderly (especially those with dementia) involve donating cards, arranging benefit concerts, collecting old devices and creating customized playlists. For underprivileged children, we are arranging music/art workshops to get them interested in and explore the arts and donating art supplies. Most of our events are in NYC but we are hoping to help others set up and lead events/donation drives in their own communities.

I am looking to expand my volunteer network. I have people from all around the world, such as from NYC, Virginia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Canada, and Ireland. You can volunteer your time in marketing, events organization, donations, and/or technology divisions. Our group has a wide variety of interests and intended majors, from CS to music to business. We also offer a program for people to become local leaders (ambassadors) for those that need leadership opportunities.

If you’re interested, please join our discord:

Here is our website (still in design, but should be up around this weekend):

Here is a welcome packet explaining further: docs.googl... sp=sharing
Hello everyone!

My name is Hannah and I am a staff member in an organization named Beyond the Five. Our mission is to provide a high-quality education to anyone and everyone, regardless of their background.

For the 2020-21 school year, we are making a large change in our methodology: We are creating free, online, self-paced classes for students to access! This past year, we have only taught AP classes live. However, we are also diversifying our subjects to non-AP areas, so we are glad to have classes of all sorts to tend to all student interests! Some examples of classes being formed right now include Introduction to Arabic Culture, Mythology, Abstract Mathematics, and College Applications. (Many more on the way!)

More than just the class itself, students are able to interact with other bright minds and become knowledgeable in the subjects they take. As of 2019, we have a 100% pass rate on all AP subjects taught! We hope to continue this trend as we become more accessible to students.

As of now, there are a total of 41 classes being formed (14 AP, 27 non-AP). We are looking to eventually cover every AP exam! Our current team of approximately 20 instructors are working very hard to create classes, but we need extra help.

Are you very knowledgeable in a subject and like creating curricula, lessons, assignments, and exams? Do you enjoy spreading your interests to other motivated students? If so, then becoming a Beyond the Five course creator would be a perfect spot for you :)!

Beyond the Five (BT5) course creators create these online courses for student use. Typically, the average course takes around 75-100 hours of commitment to create. Additionally, there are leadership opportunities available within the organization, as well as the opportunity to form connections with current college students that work as course creators!

Please contact me at if you have any suggestions, questions, or if you are interested in creating a class! Thank you so much for reading :)
Hey everyone!
I'm Srilekha and I'm the Founder/Executive Director of Plannr Consulting, a free not-for-profit consultation service for youth. We also promote the awareness of mental health issues through our campaigns and create a community through our online Discord community.
We offer lifestyle, tutoring/test prep, and college admissions consultations. Whether you need serious SAT prep or just want someone to talk to, visit now!
We will also be starting a couple programs in 2020 so sign up for our emailing list to be the first to learn about our captivating programs.
Join our online Discord community too through clicking the Community tab on our website!
Thanks y'all and I really hope y'all take a look at this awesome opportunity to increase your self-awareness and help yourself out by taking the time to reflect on yourself!
Hi all! My name is Catharine Li, and I am a high school student from Austin, TX! I currently serve as the Outreach Coordinator for a completely student led organization called Meddling Kids Movement. (www.meddli...

Meddling Kids Movement is a digital space on the internet striving to promote and encourage youth activism from around the world. Activists from ages 8-19 are given a chance to talk about their work concerning critical issues such as gun law reform, climate change, gender equality, and much more.

We also provide the necessary resources for any student who is looking to get involved in the youth activism scene, and contribute towards a more informed and aware social scene!

As of right now, we are currently looking for students to join our Outreach Team! Our organization wide goal is to seek out and increase youth involvement, specifically from those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Students who join this team will be in charge of connecting with youth from all around the world.

Please contact me via email at if you're interested, and thank you so much for your time!

Click on this link to apply: docs.googl... =send_form

be sure to click the "Outreach Team" option!

Thank you so much again!
Hey everyone! I'm here representing an organization called The NAINA Foundation, which aims to provide medical aid for the underprivileged. So far, we have held medical missions in Mumbai, India and have also held a Guinness World Record Event to raise awareness for our cause. We are currently looking for motivated teenagers to start a chapter in their town/school. Apply here to become a 2019-2020 Chapter Leader! sc8TPvP3P8
Hello everyone! My name is Faith and I’m just trying to promote awareness for things I’m passionate about! I could use your help. If you love reading, writing, drawing, or promoting cultural and social acceptance within your community, consider applying for my currently unnamed project! docs.googl... RrFQmIZ-1o

Click on the link to learn more about it! Thank you!
All you coders and creative upcoming engineers are needed as well!
Hi everyone. My name is Shivali and I am a designer at inu, a platform which aims to connect students with like-minded interests from all over the world. We have created a survey to understand how not having people in your community to talk with or create projects with has affected you. The survey is anonymous and one of our responses will have a chance to receive an Amazon gift card! rp9adkBPx6
Do you have a link to your platform? I have a nonprofit I want to start but it’ll require the help of others and there’s no one peers in my community that can help me with the dedication I need. is the site
Hi everyone! My name is Georgia and I come from Greece. I am very happy to have joined RoundPier,thus been given the chance to share my experience, broaden my interests and meet new people. I am currently lpoking for distance learning programs or remote work opportunities. I am particularly interested in Architecture but I would also love any STEM or Art- oriented activity. Thank you!
Hi Georgia - if you are looking for an online learning options we suggest to check out Udemy or Coursera - they will have plenty of opportunities across a number of different fields of study including Architecture. In the US, the are a few summer architecture programs for high school students. In terms of other opportunities, see Eduniverse for more information on various programs.

RP Team
There aren't many programs in continental europe but in the UK there are a few great summer courses you can take
Hi, my name is Serena and I'm the founder/president of an arts-based global community service initiative. We have remote volunteer opportunities in the arts (visual art, music, theater, and dance), journalism, CS/technology, finance, management, medicine, marketing, research, neuroscience, and technology. We'd love to have you on board!

To learn more, you can go to our website ( or read this packet: docs.googl... sp=sharing

My name is Johnson Jin and I am a 2021 student. I am the president and founder of an organization called the Global Youth Coalition where we believe that the youth generation is responsible with helping unprivileged communities in predominantly the education field. Over the past year, we have expanded across the US with several international chapters as well located in Turkey, Pakistan, and China. By having each chapter help with their local region, it will create a large impact to the world that we are all connected to through a network in of our organization. In my local chapter for example, we do biweekly reading buddies in an under privileged communities as well as we are working on a bookshelf to distribute to a facility such as Boys and Girls club. I am also flying out to Seattle in March as an invitational speaker at a conference. With this being said, I am not trying to boast any accomplishments, but trying to convey that GYC has a bright future ahead and we are welcome to any new members. As we are looking for means of expansion, if you are interested in starting a chapter in your school or want any details feel free to message me!

Some interesting predictions made 30 years ago about the world today

www.thesta... wrote.html
Thanks for sharing!
Hi everyone. I’m Shivali and I am the founder of a new, in the works magazine called Women In STEAM . We are looking for Women in STEAM who are interested in writing about their experiences, hardships, and achievements. We will have a team of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. If you are interested, comment down below and/or message me!
I’m definitely interested and would love more information on how can I get involved!
Good read about innovation!

www.nytime... ssion.html
really good article!
Tech Leadership Opportunity!
Hi everyone,

I'm Russell and I'm here representing Tech Literacy for Seniors. We are a nonprofit (seeking incorp.) that basically provides tech help for seniors.

We are currently seeking motivated individuals who want to start chapters and serve as Chapter Presidents.

If you are interested, please visit our website russellyan... where you can learn more and sign up to a Chapter President.
Is this only for US students?
Hi Brent, Nope! We welcome international students to start chapters as well. By the way, here is some more information about the organization:

Our new website is

Tech Literacy for Seniors is a program designed to help seniors become comfortable and capable with using their devices. We coordinate a network of chapters, led by Chapter Leaders and supported by student volunteers, which provide free tech help to seniors in the surrounding area. Typically, Chapter Leaders organize a group of volunteers and find a location to teach at (like a library). Then, they hold tech help sessions where student volunteers tutor the seniors one-on-one.
What would you say should be the minimum expectation in terms of computer skills of Chapter Presidents?
With all the talk about AI I think it will never replace human intelligence - it can make some things easier but it will always be just another tool (like smart phones).

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I agree - translation is a good example