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We have created this group after seeing a number of questions from both US and foreign students about US college application process. Our goal is to help college bound students navigate relatively complex college admission process by directing them to the right resources and having related discussions here on RoundPier. RoundPier community is about sharing ideas and learning from one another - we hope that those who have successfully navigated this process can share their insight and help others. Members of our team have attended leading universities in the US and Europe and would be happy to share their experience.



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I am looking for good business with psychology programmes in the US
In the US (unlike Europe) it is difficult to find good joint business/psychology programs. I would recommend looking at some good business programs like UVA, UPenn and UMichigan (few others too) and doing a minor or taking psychology courses outside of the business program.
hey there. I wish to pursue medicine in the US (I'm an international student) do I have to pursue undergraduate from an American University? If so , do I have to take the medical exam that I have in my country? (it is similar to MCAT but students take that exam directly after highschool)
You need to have bachelors degree before going to medical school. If you don't do undergrad in the US it is still possible to apply to medical schools in the country.
There are some joint BS/MD programs (6 years usually) but they are very difficult to get into
A skill that you have to master before you submit your college applications is creating a resume. Presenting a well crafted resume that demonstrates all of your achievements in an organized fashion indicates professionalism and attention to detail. This will show you how to properly create a high school resume.
During your college interview, there may come a moment where you are asked a question that you didn’t prepare for. If this happens, no worries, this video will show you how to navigate this situation.
do you think it is possible to take dual enrollment classes and graduate early and also get into a good college
it's possible but why would you want to graduate early? usually people take a gap year instead of trying to rush into college.
I agree with Derek. But dual enrollment classes are great -- take them regardless
How many AP courses should you take? Also do you know of any consultants I could speak to about my extracurriculars etc
If you take too many the risk is you are wasting time and money
Perhaps this video can help with AP classes! It really depends on the opportunities presented to you at your school and what you hope to major in at college.
www.youtub... I&t=5s
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As many as you can handle. Each school here has a different # of AP classes offered so students usually gauge the number they take based on their school. Take them in subjects you enjoy/subjects you think would be beneficial for your major.
Idealy, enough to show a college that you can breeze through their workload for the major you will be applying to. This means more for CS/Eng applicants than others.
This video will go over how to answer, "What Interests You in the News?" for a College Interview. I was asked this question on all of my interviews, and like many other questions, it is a litmus test to determine if you have the traits that colleges are looking for.
Hi, I am an international student currently residing in Egypt. I was wandering if someone can recommend me the best colleges that provide significant financial aid for international students and has average requirements. Thank you!
Depends on the amount of finaid you need. This year I suspect many colleges will be keen to have more students who are willing to pay something. For example, something like Union College which provides decent finaid and merit scholarships to intl students could be a good option. If you are willing to contribute more than $7,500 a year it can work and it's a decent school too. I think I actually saw someone here who got into Union so def one of the options.
From what i understand you really need to try and apply to as many as possible as luck plays an important role...
Some good advice here! @Eyad Aoun feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. We have seen a number of international students here and always happy to help!
Hi there, I am an American citizen but am currently residing in India (outside the USA). So will I be considered a Domestic Applicant or International? Also, on what basis will my grades be evaluated? Will I have any advantage or disadvantage over an average International or domestic applicant? Thanks in advance.
You will be treated as a domestic applicant but reviewed with international together. At least this is how i understand the process. You can apply for domestic finaid etc
The answer above is correct. You are applying as a domestic student who is based outside of the US. Your grades will be evaluated on the basis of your school's grading policy and other exams you take. Your biggest advantage as an applicant would be financial aid qualification - many colleges only provide finaid to domestic students and even those who provide to both are usually more generous to US citizens. I would still recommend to take as many AP classes and SAT subject tests as these would make admission officers more comfortable with your academic standing assuming your schools doesn't have IB curriculum which is recognized by colleges in the US and internationally.
For international students how many colleges do you recommend to apply to? Any suggestions?
I am applying for 6-8 in the US but few others elsewhere
We did some analysis before and typically recommend 10-12 colleges for US students. For international, it is very difficult to predict. A lot of factors like financial aid, country you are from etc make a difference. Ideally you should apply to 6-7 colleges that you are interested in and happy to attend assuming you can afford them but also have a number of options in your home country and elsewhere.
Depends on how much you want to get into the US college. The more the better. But realistically around 10 is max assuming you are applying eslewhere.
Hi there, is anyone maybe an international student studying in the US right now?
There are mostly high school students here. What's your question?
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Well I’m a student from Poland and next year it’s time for me to go to college. I’ve spent the whole day reading about the US education system and how the applications work. I found out a lot of stuff about how does the degree process works and application. However my plans and dreams went down when I found out that only 7 colleges in US are need-blind for international students. What’s more is that these are mostly the best colleges out there. I was wondering if anyone here applied from a different country and was he able to get financial aid or loans or scholarships... right now I feel super depressed because I’m not a top student to go to Harvard and I’m not rich enough to pay full tuition...
Jakub Markowski, First don't focus on need blind colleges only. We have seen plenty of international students here who have successfully applied to colleges in the US with full or near full financial aid (including some top 10 schools but also just some good colleges outside of top 50). Having said that it is not a guarantee and you should not really count on that. You should have a good list of universities in your home country or elsewhere and consider US application process as a lottery. Now, there are plenty of colleges that are happy to accept international students - the issue is the cost. I would start with this list www.roundp... l-students which covers over 60 most generous colleges for international students. This is also a good post that our team put out some time ago www.roundp... ncial-aid. You need to build a balanced college list. I would also suggest to do EFC calculation based on your family finances which will give you an idea what you may be expected to pay. If you are willing to pay part of the tuition your chances are also going to be higher.
Greg Zavorotniy, hey man, thanks for the links and advices. I’ll read them as soon as I wake up. After reading your reply your brought hope back to me, because I’ve been literally upset the whole day thinking I only have a chance at the 7 colleges. I really appreciate your help, thank you !
Jakub Markowski, I would still keep your exceptions definitely have to be looking at more than 7 colleges but getting in and receiving full or close to full financial aid is difficult. Feel free to send me a direct message if you have more questions. We had this Columbia student who posted a number of great articles for international students www.roundp... t.dovranov - you should check them out.
This is some good advice above! I recommend finding colleges that are good fit for you first. Don't worry about rankings just figure out what you want to study and do your own research. Don't waste time applying to colleges that never provided any financial aid or merit aid for international students.
I am planning too. Agree with comment above...
So what's happening with intl students with the new US immigration law???
This is 60 day issue only, assuming they open campuses in fall it isn't going to be a problem
Not really an issue if they open everything but could be a problem this year
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Hi guys! I am an international student looking at some US colleges. Can someone provide advice on how many colleges I should apply to? Also, what are my options if I want to continue playing soccer at college. Thanks!
We did some analysis here and generally 12 colleges is the optimal number if you are looking at some competitive colleges.
Hey Everyone ? Im not going to pitch you about the organization I started as so many people do on this platform, but if you want something for your resume, I need blog posts to be written about the environment. After a couple blog posts we will put you on the website and you can get a fancy name. Anyone interested in the environment, message me for details. Thank you!
Do we have a chance to get into MIT as an international student without participating in any international olympiads?
I agree! The issue with top US colleges and international students is that unless you are prepared to pay for it and don't stand out as an applicant your chances are very low. It doesn't mean you shouldn't apply but you better have plenty of other options in your country or elsewhere
Okay... Thank you
Its also worth mentioning that not all international olympiads are created equal. I'd rather qualify for the IMO than place highly in the IOI, for example.
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thats true IMO and IPhO typically are the top ones
People think that if you go to Harvard, or another prestigious school, you are "set for life." But is this really true? We'll discuss this in this video.
www.youtub... bz1daPg73A