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Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that integrates materials, biological, and information sciences to the study of the environment. Open to organizations and students alike!


Hello everyone,
My name is Anshul Dash, and I am the expansion lead for theincentive (theincentive.org), a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental news publication run by students. Our ultimate goal is to spread awareness regarding the effects of climate change through publishing news articles so that people will be up to date with what is going on with our environment scientifically and politically. We continue to work to grow our organization every day in order to make a bigger impact, and we do this by looking for people who can start a chapter and spread climate change awareness in whatever way they want. If you are interested and need help getting started, we will provide you with resources and support. So far, we have chapters in Virginia, New York, and California. If you are interested in joining our organization as a chapter, please fill out our contact form at theincentive.org/contact/.
Coronavirus’s unexpected silver lining is revealed in Italy
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Hi! I'm creating a startup to help people find climate actions near them and to help climate organizations consolidate actions for their members. Btw, I'm a climate activist from Pensacola, FL, I'm looking for web developers and co-founders. If you're interested, check out this sheet and fill out the Google Form, thanks! docs.googl... sp=sharing
I have an idea to lessen the effects of gas powered vehicles, maybe even other carbon emitters, on the environment but I have no clue how I could get it to work out. Anyone want to talk it out and help with some research?
Is this an independent research project? Are you looking into science fair or an internship with a professor? If you want to perform some research, reaching out to a local professor might be the best first move. Otherwise, following the science fair format for projects for your purpose might give you ideas to work this out.
Trying to create a community garden where I can sell produce and donate the proceeds to environmental charities. Anyone know the best way to start. I want to get it done over the summer. I was wondering if anyone was willing to partner or discuss maybe an online environmental cleanup campaign or something online because I know not everyone is in the same area as me. I just want to be able to make a difference somehow.
I’ve got a big idea for an environmental clean up project/program. Help wanted!
I'd be willing. Is it location specific