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This is group is for those interested in or taking AP Calculus (both AB and BC). We encourage those who have already taken this class to participate and provide feedback to other students. We also welcome all AP Calc teachers.


Hello everyone!

My name is Hannah Ye and I am a staff member in an organization named Beyond the Five. Our mission is to provide a high-quality education to anyone and everyone, regardless of their background.

For the 2020-21 school year, we are making a large change in our methodology: We are creating free, online, self-paced classes for students to access! This past year, we have only taught AP classes live. However, we are also diversifying our subjects to non-AP areas, so we are glad to have classes of all sorts to tend to all student interests! Some examples of classes being formed right now include Introduction to Arabic Culture, Mythology, Abstract Mathematics, and College Applications. (Many more on the way!)

More than just the class itself, students are able to interact with other bright minds and become knowledgeable in the subjects they take. As of 2019, we have a 100% pass rate on all AP subjects taught! We hope to continue this trend as we become more accessible to students.

As of now, there are a total of 41 classes being formed (14 AP, 27 non-AP). We are looking to eventually cover every AP exam! Our current team of approximately 20 instructors are working very hard to create classes, but we need extra help.

Are you very knowledgeable in a subject and like creating curricula, lessons, assignments, and exams? Do you enjoy spreading your interests to other motivated students? If so, then becoming a Beyond the Five course creator would be a perfect spot for you :)!

Beyond the Five (BT5) course creators create these online courses for student use. Typically, the average course takes around 75-100 hours of commitment to create. Additionally, there are leadership opportunities available within the organization, as well as the opportunity to form connections with current college students that work as course creators!

Please contact me at hnnahye@gmail.com if you have any suggestions, questions, or if you are interested in creating a class! Thank you so much for reading :)
Good job guys! How are you different from Khan Academy and other resources?
@Pavlina Zacorotnyaya Thank you! Beyond the Five offers college level classes unlike Khan Academy and many other resources. Our instructors are always on hand to answer any questions students may have.
Great! Q&A is very important in AP Calc as many students get stuck with small questions that are always much easier to explain once you have one on one discussion
If you want a sneak preview of college classes, this video will review Harvard Class Math 1A: Introduction to Calculus, the rough equivalent of AP Calculus AB.
www.youtub... KQvwr0is_4
I’m jumping into AB after taking CP Pre Calc last year (huge mistake, I did it bc my Accel Algebra 2 teacher was super unhelpful and I ended up with an 84). Got a 98 this past year but super nervous about AB. Anyone know a good way to review this summer?
Hi guys,
As the time for all AP Tests is approaching quickly I would love to offer my help and suggestions to all of you who are taking AP Calculus AB and BC exams this spring. I cannot emphasize enough that taking this class is already a big achievement in itself: it will definitely help you in your college career if you are planning to major in STEM and the medical field. So, be proud of yourself and feel free to ask me questions!
If I just took AP Calc AB and don't feel like taking BC is it still worth it? Or should I to take BC too?
It depends what you are planning to do in college. If you will be majoring in any STEM field or medical, you will need to take Calc 2: so it is better to take in high school.
I’m a junior and am taking BC this year. I took pre calc last year as a sophomore. So far, the material hasn’t been too bad. We’ve gone through limits, derivatives, optimization, and are starting integrals. What would you guys say the hardest topics of BC are and what is tested most on the AP test? We still have differential equations, applications of definite integrals, improper integrals, sequences, infinite series, and parametrics left.
Students usually consider topic "Infinite series" as a most challenging part of AP Calculus BC course. I personally love teaching this topic, it is a very conceptual and interesting part of the course. Some parametric curves area problems from AP Test could be not straight forward as well: it takes time and enough practice to master your skills in this area.
Agree! Integrals was the most interesting for me and easier to understand
Polar curves is one of the challenging topics as well
I am an AP Calc BC veteran! If you need anything; notes, advice, or general concept help, let me know! Don’t hesitate, I don’t bite.
I have a question: how do you study for tests?
My main form of studying is going over my homework and quizzes and redoing some of the problems. Most of the concepts, at least for my class, were the same thing as what was on the assigned homework and quizzes given. Also, skim over your class notes and if you see anything you don’t immediately understand, focus on those problems when you work the quiz and homework problems. It’s math, so it’s not like concepts change, but you must remember details to be successful. I wish you good luck on your test, but you probably won’t need it,l because you’re studying!
Not sure if I'm welcome here. :/
I have not taken AP Calculus, but taken Calculus at a college class. However, it's not considered AP in my school, it's honors. My school doesn't give out AP classes, just college classes.
You are probably overqualified...but stay and help others!
Yeah totally stay! You can help others with workload problems since AP Calc is a more intense than regular class. You have college course experience which is synonymous to work intensive, especially in high school. Also, since you’re more advanced you might have concept tricks or something similar to share!
Who here went straight from precal to Calc BC? I am doing it right now. The concepts aren't that much more difficult because I learned some calculus in pre-calc, but the sheer amount of coursework makes it much harder. Anyone else have the same experience?
I skipped AB but our BC covers a lot of that material
Hi Jack,
I am AP Calculus teacher, and I would like to make it clear for you. Some schools have two separate courses: first Calc AB and then Calc BC. In some schools like mine students go straight to BC after precalc but our BC course covers all topics from AB and then BC materials . I just want to make sure that you do understand: you cannot go to BC Calculus without covering all topics from AB.
Please feel free to contact me should you have more questions.
Any comments on this year's AP Calc exam? Am taking it next year...
Very difficult exam. Really have to spend few weeks preparing for it. Getting 4 or 5 is tough imo
Hi guys,
College board just released 2018 Free Response Questions.
Please see a link below:

apcentral.... lus-bc.pdf
Hi, I am on an accelerated math track at my school so I took Geo-Trig honors in 8th grade and signed up to take the AlgebraII/Precalc (H) in 9th grade. This puts me on the track for AP Calc Ab in 10th and AP Calc BC in 11th. I can take MVCalc etc starting 11th.

GeoTrig this year was hard. I will end up with a A- or so (my parents had to help me some). My parents are really encouraging me to step back and take Algebra II advanced in 9th so that I can take Precalc in 10th, AP Calc AB in 11th and so on. They think my current plan is too stressful and I am likely to do better in terms of GPA in the medium difficult track. Not sure yet, but my interests are most likely going to be bio related. Would you kindly give me some feedback? Thanks!
As a calculus teacher I will support your parents idea - you still will have AP credit for Calc AB for your college applications, and you will be able to take BC in your senior year. You probably have some other AP classes as well - so do not overwhelm yourself with all mathematics courses.
Ann - agree with the comment above. If you are interested in bio you should focus on bio related classes, extracurriculars etc to make sure you are doing something that you actually enjoy and will likely pursue in college...
Taking AP Calc first semester junior year - is that ok? Or too early? Also, what is the best way to prepare over the summer?
Junior year is a perfect time to take AP Calculus. What subject are you taking right now - Precalc? If your school are on a block schedule, and you will have AP Calc only for the first semester , make sure you practice on your own until May when you will be taking a Test. Regarding preparation in a summer: there is a great website Master Math Mentor. They have a lot of materials you can download for free including preparation for AP Calculus - please see a link below:
mastermath... Ready.ashx
Good Luck!