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This Group is for those interested in pursuing medical field. Start discussions on medicine, healthcare, biomed engineering or any related topics. We are also keen to put together a list of various summer and other opportunities for students interested in the field.


What kind of a student would be interested in pursing a career in the medical field. How can a high school student who would like to pursue a career in the medical field get ahead?

I think it's difficult to know if you want to pursue a career in this field when you are just in high school but what you should is definitely try to shadow a doctor or do some work in the field. There are some programs which introduce you to the profession. Start a club in your school.
I would say you really have to commit to the subject as it's a long process 4 years undergrad then medical school so def need to make sure you are prepared for this
Thank you for your input Derek Zalono! What exactly is the pre med path? What classes should I take?
Hey guys!
My name is Smriti! I am trying to find internships in the Texas area for medicine! And I am trying to start a club at my school, so please let me know if you know any internships and if you have any ideas for a club. Please leave a message or comment down below. Thanks!!
Hi! While I don't know of any good summer programs/internships left that you can apply to, many people get internships directly from connections or by emailing/contacting local professors. I would recommend trying to find local professors whose work you're interested in and contacting them directly.

As for clubs, you could do a pre-med club if you want to specifically focus on medicine.
Hi guys!
My name is Myrdell and I’m currently in the process of starting a nonprofit, ForeverFierce. ForeverFierce’s purpose is to raise awareness about physical and mental health and support others on their wellness journey. I’m currently looking for a cofounder, web developers, and marketers. If you want to join the team, please leave a comment or message me directly. I look forward to hearing from y’all! Have a wonderful day.
What do you guys say about the Jewish community refusing to Vaccinate their children because of religious beliefs
Agree with goes beyond just certain religious groups but also parents simply being against vaccinations based on some of the things they heard or's their own choice but of course if it makes the environment unsafe you wouldn't want them to socialize with other kids
The problem is that if they don't stay within their own community then others are subject to higher risk
the “jewish community” isn’t specific. as someone who is REFORM jewish, most of us are vaccinated. ORTHODOX jews are very religious and therefore problems do not vaccinate. i think vaccinations should be mandatory for everyone despite religion, due to when the religion was made there were no vaccines
Hey everyone! I'm here representing an organization called The NAINA Foundation, which aims to provide medical aid for the underprivileged. So far, we have held medical missions in Mumbai, India and have also held a Guinness World Record Event to raise awareness for our cause. We are currently looking for motivated teenagers to start a chapter in their town/school, and even volunteer at future medical missions we have planned this summer! Apply here to become a 2019-2020 Chapter Leader! sc8TPvP3P8
Hey!! I am interested in opening a chapter at my school.
Hi, in the future I would like to pursue a career in Neurosurgery, however I’ve learned that many practicing medicine achieve duel certification. To get certified in a field like emergency medicine would I have to study specifically in med school or only complete a fellowship program?
If you plan to work in surgery you will have to go to med school
Like he said, to do surgery you'd have to go to medical school. You can't do the fellowship program without completing medical school and residency. Many neurosurgeons complete the required 4 years of medical school and then 7 years of neurosurgery residency. After that then you can decide to do fellowship or not. To be certified in emergency medicine, you'd have to do the required years of medical school and then an additional 3 year residency for emergency medicine.

Allow me to introduce myself. I represent The High School Association of Medical Engineers and Scientists Inc. a certified Non-for-Profit Organization with a focus on effectuating national change in the global realm of healthcare and medical science. I wanted to inform you guys of numerous opportunities for talented US High School students interested in medicine, such as yourselves. From healthcare legislation to girls empowerment, we have something for you. We have chapters in 8 states as well as multiple online opportunities available on Volunteer Match. I encourage you guys to check us out at, and to message me here on Round Pier if you have any questions.
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Researchers show where the aluminum travels to in the body and stays after vaccination
nexusnewsf... esearchers
Hi everyone. I’m Shivali and I am the founder of a new, in the works magazine called Women In STEAM . We are looking for Women in STEAM who are interested in writing about their experiences, hardships, and achievements. We will have a team of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. If you are interested, comment down below and/or message me!
Hey, I am interested message me with details
Hi, not sure if it’s too late but interested in this. Message me :)
Hey everyone! My name is Annika Agarwal and I am the founder of The N.A.I.N.A. Foundation. Our mission is to provide underprivileged people around the world access to medical care, something that is oftentimes considered a luxury to them. So far, we have raised nearly 1,000 eyeglasses, as well as other donations such as blood pressure machines. With that, we have partnered with the LIONS Club of Mumbai, and reached over 10,000 people with health clinics that we have set up in the area. Additionally, we have organized health seminars to raise awareness about the lack of medical attention in third world countries. One of the main aspects of our foundation is dance. We dance at events in the New Jersey area to provide those in need with surgeries. So far, we have raised over $15,000 dollars and provided nearly 100 surgeries. However, we believe that there are so many more people out there that can help us out. Therefore, if you would like to start a chapter in your school, please dm me! You do not necessarily need to be a dancer. We have so many other opportunities open for new chapters!
Has anyone done a high school WashU summer program?
I looked into it last year
WashU summer program is very good. We have seen a number of students doing it and it's a great experience as well as an opportunity to see the campus.
I did one in Amherst, a bit pricey but I liked it
I’m a sophomore doing a summer program going into junior year at Washington University in St.Louis. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way or any info I should know going into the program to be prepared? Thanks.
Hi guys!! My grandpa has got TB of heart.his pericardium has more fluid than normal.have you ever heard of it? How should we take care of him
normally to much fluid in the pericardium is cardiac tamponade and in order to fix it is a procedure called a Pericardiocentesis
I hope your grandpa is feeling better!
Has anyone done the NYLF medicine program?
I haven't done it but heard mixed feedback
If it wasn't for the cost it would be a decent experience
I have,, the cost was it’s biggest downfall but everything else was good
Any medical opportunities for a sophomores in high school in Georgia? Anybody know of any near by.
Ask for volunteering opportunities in local hospitals otherwise look for summer programs
does anyone know of any surgical internships for high school students that i could take during the summer preferably near the north carolina area?
I'm not sure of surgical internships, but i did take this summer class at Johns Hopkins at its was amazing. I took Physiology and Disease and got to dissect a cow eye, sheep brain and sheep lungs. They have tons of other classes, one being an intensive medical school program. Hope this helped!!
You can try to shadow a doctor but not sure they would allow it in surgery
If I have all 118 elements of the periodic table memorized in order, I know their chemical symbols, and I know how to spell this, will this help me become an anesthesiologist? I am currently an eighth grader.
I doubt it will be very helpful in becoming a doctor but def will help with chemistry classes
It's amazing that you have done it at your age and it will be helpful once you take advanced classes but you would need to focus more on real concepts vs just memorizing stuff. Plus you still have a long way to becoming a doctor
Is there any disease in which heart size increases?
cardiac myopathy could increase the heart but technically it’s not the heart itself it’s the pericardium