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Looking for a leadership opportunity, particularly in community service and nonprofit management? We’re looking for more chapters of our organization, United Under Art. We currently have seven, with two more being set up, across five different countries. We are a global student-led initiative that brings arts opportunities to underprivileged communities- we are currently setting up virtual music collaborations and workshops for hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. We are also collaborating with various other organizations, so chapters have opportunities in STEM and journalism as well.

For more information here is our website: unitedunderart.com

Here is the sign up form: forms.gle/... qJXvJPnyK7
Greetings everyone!

We are looking for International Ambassadors / Contributors!

I write on behalf of ISSIA (Inter-School Social Issues Association). Our main goal is to create a cohesive network for the improvement of social conditions. We provide opportunities for social engagement and discourse through our multimedia platforms. We predominantly focus on (but are not limited to mental health, LGBTQ+, social apathy, human rights, civil discourse etc.

You can find our introduction kit here: drive.goog... CUHaA/view

Based in Hong Kong, we currently have over 100+ members (contributors, editors, designers etc.) coming from over 23+ international and local schools throughout the city. We recently launched the ISSIA Magazine - Hong Kong's first inter-school magazine.

The magazine intends to be a platform of student voice, covering a wide variety of social issues in the form of articles, interviews, coverage on student events/organizations etc; we will also feature student photography. The magazine will be distributed to our member schools both in print and via a digital copy and will also be available online on ISSUU.

In addition, we are also planning and producing a variety of multimedia content e.g podcasts, videos, webinars etc. We are currently working on launching our website, which will serve as an online platform for student articles and our other multimedia content. We also have links to local charities such as Mind Hong Kong and KELY Support Group and we plan to host live workshops soon!

We are currently looking to expand internationally and are recruiting International Ambassadors/ Writers to join our organization!

If you have an interest in 'social issues' and would be able to commit to writing an article once very few weeks, please fill in this google form: forms.gle/... ozPTnPmej7

All international work will be conducted remotely.

Please email issiaofficial@gmail.com if you have any questions! Do check out our Instagram page @issia.hk www.instag... m/issia.hk

Thank you everyone! Please feel free to connect with me on RoundPier as well!

I am Shivam Garg, part of testPrep, which is an international NPO (unregistered) dedicated to helping every student academically irrespective of their background. Our organisation primarily connects students who have fared well in a particular examination with students wishing to do well in that particular exam.

Currently, we have an International IGCSE support group consisting of several mentors and about 150 students internationally. Now, we are looking forward to expanding our operations internationally and into different curriculums.

Our chapter's member's roles would include helping out their juniors or their fellow batch mates for various exams through peer tutoring (online or offline). Tutors and students part of your chapter will also get the opportunity to connect with students around the world preparing for the same exam. This would provide a unique networking opportunity to each member too. Hence, keeping the benefits of all parties involved in mind, we are looking for Chapter Presidents across the world.

So, If you would like to be a chapter president and establish a chapter in your high school kindly fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.

Form Link: forms.gle/... LfLHgTHow7
Email: testprep.international@gmail.com

For any queries pertaining to chapter presidents role, feel free to message me via RoundPier.
Sounds like you'd benefit from joining Roundpier Student Coalition RSC forms.gle/... pTqWcAo5s6
My organization, United Under Art (unitedunderart.com), is running online music collaborations (everyone records an individual part) to send to hospitals and nursing homes and upload on YouTube to cheer people up during this uncertain time. If you’re an instrumentalist or vocalist that might be interested, here’s a form to sign up:
docs.googl... _form_link
For those of you with NPOs and service projects, have school closures affected operations majorly? How are people working around it, especially if you rely on being able to reach out to different schools to get donations/work with students?
My initiative has transitioned to remote workshops and online fundraisers- such as through art commissions. We're also working on music collaborations.
We see quite a few organizations here moving completely online right now. Donations you should be able to reach out to people through various platforms but given these are tough times for local businesses etc it is going to impact the amount you can raise. If you are working with students and physical interaction is important you have to find a way to engage them online for the next few weeks.
For those that want more ECs and competitions- especially online ones- and/or want to promote their organizations to reach even more students:

Join this Discord server: discord.gg/vuYxHYB and r/ECAdvice (subreddit)
This is awesome - RoundPier's Student Coalition is doing a similar thing for NPOs soon. You may see a global message from RoundPier soon about signups for RSC
Hey, knowing that many of you guys are leaders of your organizations and may be looking for more members (including myself), would anyone like to collaborate and do a sort of member swap // cross promote on social media?
We could also create a sort of list of all the organizations and have them organized based on what interests/majors they might cover and what positions they offer and then send out that list to people looking for ECs.
I started a spreadsheet to list as many student organizations (w/ the fields that they're related to so people can easily find what they like): docs.googl... sp=sharing

Let me know if you want to help contribute or if you want me to add your organization
Great idea and should make it easier here for sure ...
I would also love to participate!
I see quite a few people looking to incorporate as non-profit. I don't see any reason to do that unless there is a clear goal of your organization to receive funding. It is a very costly and time consuming process so best to focus on actual impact imao
Definitely agree, that’s why I decided against incorporating my own organization. It does make fundraising hard though!
I think our founder wants to incorporate our organization as non-profit mainly to receive grants for podcasting/documentary production-- agreed that it's a time-consuming process
For those looking to incorporate - RoundPier is hosting the RoundPier Student Coalition for those of you who don't know. It adds legitimacy to your org by having them attend meetings and sending colleges applied to a letter of (rating of goals accomplished) and (legitimacy). You can join the coalition without incorporating - pm Greg Zavorotniy or Sean Cai.
Ampheros Journalism, a student-run, independent journalism group, is looking for Gen-Z writers, editors, video producers, and graphic designers to join the team.

Our organization was founded in October 2019, and currently operates from California, with members spread across the globe. We are looking to get incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the end of this year.

Positions at Ampheros vary in time commitment, with most content creators being expected to publish their work every 1.5 weeks. Team members are expected to attend online conferences by geographic region once per week. We also use a Slack workspace for general communication.

Apply at: ampheros.com/get-involved/

Check out our work: ampheros.com
Hi everyone!

We’re looking to expand our Hong Kong based (registered) NGO, Justice Leaders’ Council, internationally and are currently recruiting students to lead operations in different countries.

Our organization predominantly works with migrants to discuss education. We’ve previously led initiatives such as education panels for refugee and asylum seeker students and international humanitarian law workshops in partnership with the Red Cross. Please feel free to send us an email (at justiceleaderscouncil@gmail.com) or visit our website (justicelea... ebly.com/) for more information about our organization.

If you’re interested please fill out this form (forms.gle/... CX4Wr7X17) and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Thanks! (Shameless insta plug @jlc.hk)
Are you looking for students in the US?
Hello, my name is Serena Ding and I am a junior high school student in NYC. I am currently leading a global service project (called United Under Art) to help underprivileged children and elderly through art.

Our primary activities for the elderly (especially those with dementia) involve donating cards, arranging benefit concerts, collecting old devices and creating customized playlists. For underprivileged children, we are arranging music/art workshops to get them interested in and explore the arts and donating art supplies. Most of our events are in NYC but we are hoping to help others set up and lead events/donation drives in their own communities.

I am looking to expand my volunteer network. I have people from all around the world, such as from NYC, Virginia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Canada, and Ireland. You can volunteer your time in marketing, events organization, donations, and/or technology divisions. Our group has a wide variety of interests and intended majors, from CS to music to business. We also offer a program for people to become local leaders (ambassadors) for those that need leadership opportunities.

If you’re interested, please join our discord: discord.gg/wnmH4D9

Here is our website (still in design, but should be up around this weekend): unitedunderart.com/

Here is a welcome packet explaining further: docs.googl... sp=sharing
Interested in entrepreneurship and improving your writing skills? If so, become a writer and/or graphic designer for The Lemonade Stand! We are a business blog that aims to provide practical advice for young entrepreneurs to launch a start-up and excel in business competitions! I currently lead a team of 5 other writers from all over California.


1. Opportunity to potentially publish your article(s) in established research journals (for writers only)
2. Access to a community of other youth entrepreneurs to find potential collaborators on projects and gain immediate feedback on your ideas
3. Opportunity to interview professors/entrepreneurs in a monthly podcast (for writers only)
4. Learn to convey ideas effectively and write eloquently from multiple editors’ inputs (for writers only)
5. Improve your resume for colleges


1. Write 1 1500-2000 word article every 3-4 weeks
2. Must have some experience in business
3. Must be in middle school, high school, or college


5 graphics posted each week for our social media IG. Workload will DECREASE if there is more than 1 graphic designer. Graphics can include a quote, advertise an article, or show an inspiring teen entrepreneur. Can be made on Canva. Must match with our branding.

We are extremely excited for you to join our team. However, there are strict deadlines you have to meet. If you miss one deadline, you will be dropped from the blog. No exceptions. I am open to giving 1-3 day deadlines a few times but you MUST tell me at least 5 days before. This is necessary to keep the blog quality consistent.

our blog: thelemonadestand.xyz (we are currently changing the designs a bit so some pages may look funky)


forms.gle/... yiHWyN7Cq9


Please email to chloechia@gmail.com:

- Two graphic design pieces that show your abilities best
- Your resume (if you don’t have one, please just list your extracurricular achievements in GOOD DETAIL with data)
Hi guys! If you are interested in entrepreneurship, I’m currently looking for a co-found for my organization, ForeverFierce. Please comment or message me if you’re interested/ want more information.
I’m extremely interested in your company I would also love to learn more about your company, it’s purpose, and the kind of impact you wish to have!
Hi everyone! My name is Tanya, and I am the founder of Breaking Book Barriers. Breaking Book Barriers is a website where students can exchange their old AP/SAT/SAT Subject test books for new ones. This eliminates the need to buy new books, and will save you lots of money in the process.

I am currently looking for a head of marketing. You would be responsible for the social media marketing tasks and delegating to the other marketing team members. Please message me if you are interested!
Hi, I’m interested!
Hello everyone! If you are interested in entrepreneurship, competitions, creativity, coming up with new ideas, or you are just looking for something to help you find and explore passions, the Diamond Challenge is the opportunity for you. We are the world's top-rated entrepreneurship competition for high school students. No prior experience is required, and any high school student around the world is eligible to compete. We just launched the 2020 season. To learn more and compete, go to www.diamondchallenge.org or email us at info@diamondchallenge.org. We hope you'll join us!
When is the program?
Hello everyone! I am the founder of ChangemakerZ, a website that aims to connect, educate, and empower those who want to make a difference. We create entrepreneurship related articles, interview Gen-Z founders, and run a discord community. We are looking for writers, interviewers, editors, finance managers, partnership coordinators, and social media managers. More information can be found here: bit.ly/2Ztwx4a . Here is the link to our google form. bit.ly/2MDrzQy

Join us to have a good time, spread entrepreneurship education, and meet some really cool people while you are at it!

Check us out on the socials :D

Website: hellochang... e.com/home

Instagram: www.instag... gemaker.z/
Hi everyone! My name is Tanya, and I am the founder of Breaking Book Barriers. Breaking Book Barriers is a website where students can exchange their old AP/SAT/SAT Subject test books for new ones. This eliminates the need to buy new books, and will save you lots of money in the process. If you are interested in this book swap, my website is: breakingbookbarriers.org

I am also looking for team members to help out, especially people who are good at marketing. Let me know if you are interested!
Wow this is really awesome! What about ACT Books?
Thank you! The website currently does not have ACT books, but we are definitely going to get them soon! If you have any old test prep books, feel free to list them on the site
Hello! I’m looking to make money this year as I am finally 16! I would love to help someone with their business. Or an online work? Can anyone take in or suggest?
Hello~! As a beginner entrepreneur, I suggest using Snag as your choice. I personally use it myself, but it's ultimately your choice! BTW, I am new here~! Can you show me the ropes?
Hey guys!I wanna earn money to travel.Any suggestions please?
Depends on what you want to do?
hello members, i believe you are all smart here, please prove thinksimon... le-jungle/
Hello everyone! I'm Sabrina, and I would like to present an opportunity for high school students for this summer.

I am the lead director of Funance, a website that features comics and illustrations regarding personal finance. The website is geared towards youth, and we are in the midst of planning free summer programs. While the website has been published since late 2018, our team only has three people. Therefore, we are opening up Funance to anyone interested.

There are several positions available. The link to learn more about our positions and our organization is www.tinyur... /funance19

The link to apply is www.tinyur... unanceform

I strongly encourage everyone to apply, especially if interested in designing, writing, and sharing personal finance knowledge.

We review applications on a rolling basis. Our official deadline is the very end of June. Good luck!
Great initiative Sabrina! You should also post the jobs - go to "Post a Job" in "More" (web version only) and include description of the roles etc to make sure it reaches more people who aren't part of this group
If you are unable to access the document listing the positions, please use this link: docs.googl... f8X-70/pub