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Are you an entrepreneur or interested in entrepreneurship? This is the perfect group to learn more about it.


Young Minds global is a student-run initiative that gives the youth a platform that allows their voices to be heard. We seek to advertise and spread information about new and existing student-led organisations to the masses and create a supportive community of brilliant young minds.

If you are a student and want to gain exclusive access to opportunities, scholarships, competitions, grants, conferences, etc, then do join our discord server! You’ll be able to recruit or advertise your own initiative, browse others, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, etc. This is an opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and peers in a community that will support you in every aspect.

Discord: discord.gg/ty2nEQm

Email: youngminds.global@gmail.com

Instagram: @youngminds.global
Hey everyone! I'm Aria, founder of The Red Goji.

We are a multilingual, multicultural, teen-run food blog that collects recipes and writing from readers all over the world to feature on our platform. We're currently looking for students aged 13-18 interested in translating and graphic design to join our team. Spots are going fast and admissions are rolling, so apply by the end of May for your optimal chance!

For more information, visit www.redgoj... om/branch. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message at helloredgoji@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
Link isn't opening
Remove the dot
Thanks Jill! It's www.redgoj... com/branch -- hope that works :)
For those of you that are in Houston specifically- we're looking for a new President for the United Under Arts Houston chapter. More details on what United Under Arts does can be found at UnitedUnderArts.org. Please message if you'd be interested!
Hey everyone!I'm the Founder of The Tidings Blog. It's a student-led economics and history blog.Now, you must have seen several such blogs. What differentiates us from the rest of the student-led blogs? We've been around since 2018 and reached 60,000 people just last month (April'20). We're partnering with one of the biggest history YouTube channels out there with over 650,000 subscribers! We're looking to recruit writers, marketers, graphic designers, and members for our editorial board. So, if you're interested, here's the application to work with us: forms.gle/... tFvLKDmfM6 class="like" style="transition-property: all; color: rgb(0, 110, 99); letter-spacing: 0.05em; display: flex; -webkit-box-align: center; align-items: center;">
The link says it’s invalid. How would I apply
Hi everyone! I just joined this app and I'm so excited to get to know all of you!! I wanted to apply to internships from this app but I don't know how to begin... any tips/advice would be super appreciated! thank you, Judy
Check out Eduniverse tab to see what’s available based on where you are and also some online opportunities.
Hi! I'm part of this great volunteer group called 1Hour.Life and the purpose is to find volunteering opportunities around us in order to help the community. It has become especially important during the time of Covid-19, and I would recommend joining to either better the platform or to volunteer on it! I have been marketing with them for a bit now and would recommend it.

The website is 1hour.life/
For budding entrepreneurs and volunteers, this is a great platform!
Greetings to all,

Eleven months after the inception of prepIGCSE (check the website out igcse.school.blog), we are proud to report that it has benefited 9000+ users from across 120+ countries and all habitable continents. Our original venture started out as an effort to give back to the community and allow everyone to tap their potential. And now, to further move towards our goal we are continuing to accept people to join this organization by either marketing this to other IGCSE students, contributing to our resources, or working on expanding this venture in general so that more people can benefit from this. To become a part of prepIGCSE, kindly apply at forms.gle/... dPQB758mF9

Furthermore, we are also opening applications for the executive team and chapters (regional clubs) of test prep International (an International NPO that has helped over 300 students and has chapters in 3 continents). If you join as an executive team member, you will join either the design, marketing, or communications team and if you join as the Chapter President your efforts would involve getting tutors (students who have done well in the exam) teaching groups of students/future test-takers in your school/region virtually/physically for whichever curriculum (IGCSE/SAT/ACT/AP/etc) your team is comfortable with. Last year, we handled it entirely, but now to increase the impact, we are allowing schools worldwide to be a part of this movement to make a change for the better.

There will be several benefits one would receive.
1) A position (director, executive) in a reputable organization that will strengthen your college application. Furthermore, if one works diligently they would also be promoted and slowly be the successors of this.
2) CAS/ Volunteer Service Hours along with certification
3) Access to a global network of like-minded students willing to make a change

So, If you too wish to give back to this community and make a difference to future test takers, kindly collaborate with us and join hands in achieving our vision.

testprep International's Executive Team Application Form: forms.gle/... GJpFSXD7o7
testprep International's Chapter President Application Form: forms.gle/... LZTyXFCvu5
testprep International's Official Discord Link (it was made few days ago, so people are still joining): discord.gg/eMTU9nb

Does the test prep also include APs?
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As of now, we do not offer AP. But, if we get a few tutors willing to teach the AP curriculum, we will add it to our current set of services. Feel free to ask more questions!
Speak Audaciously by Yourself (SAY), is an entrepreneurial social venture that aims to equip people with better public speaking skills.

We want to help people speak better and become the best versions of themselves, aka help people Speak Audaciously by Themselves.

We're recruiting App/Web Developers, Content Creators, Marketers, Graphic Designers, and Volunteers!

Fill in the form below to be a part of this opportunity! If you have any questions, please contact: publicspeaking.say@gmail.com

forms.gle/... CNpV67bWV7
Girls Educations Matter is a non-profit organization to raise awareness about the fact that, around the world, 130 Million girls will never step foot in a classroom and learn simple human rights like reading and writing. So, we hope to create a supportive and collaborative community for young females who are interested in learning more about STEM, college, and the experiences of successful members of the women's community. Our members will get notifications about newsletter articles that are released and GEM events. We are currently recruiting for tutors who are currently in high school. We need tutors for foreign languages, English, Math, Science, and computer science. The tutor position is open to both genders. If you are interested in being a tutor. Please apply through the link below

docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Hi guys! I’m competing in an entrepreneurship competition and I had to make a survey testing assumptions towards target customers. Felicity is a community driven platform designed to connect teens/ young creatives and provides a space for them to build a personal brand. If you are a young creative with a passion I would be so grateful if you could fill this form out.

forms.gle/... RJ3rghtKX9
Hello Everyone! I am starting a personal finance, lifestyle, and health blog targeting gen Z girls!

The Instagram account for the blog is @thenuevagirl

the link is www.instag... irl/?hl=en Give us a follow to stay updated
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :))
Hi Everyone!

Lyrica By Girls had our first tutoring session a few days ago, and we learned some thing about the girls, one which caught our interest. They were very into teen activism, but didn't know many teen activists or were not aware of them.

This inspired Girlhood Gazette, a magazine dedicated to raising awareness about young female activists and how to get into youth activism.

If your a female teen activist with a story, or an interested contributor, please email us at girlhoodgazette@gmail.com! We'd love to work with you!
Female teen activist here, I'll try and email soon :)
docs.googl... iMMwND7bwA Modern Divergence is a youth-led organization founded in 2019. It promotes awareness of how mental health stigma impacts pediatric healthcare and combat the effect of diagnosis in kids and teens. To achieve our mission, we create podcast episodes, host conferences/organize live events, and even conduct research and surveys. MoDiv values straightforward and blunt honesty and vulnerability. We have various leadership roles available based on your time availability. We’re also looking for partnerships and collaborations!

Instagram: @moderndivergence
Hi! Does anyone know of any entrepreneurship competitions or pitch feats? I already know about RoundPier’s!
Technovation challenge for girls www.roundp... challenge. Also knowledge@wharton had a competition but not sure about this year
STEM institute is another one. It's paid but provide finaid. And they have interesting projects to work on but not purely contest focused
There's the Girl's STEAM Institute. You basically think of an app idea and then have to come up with a full startup/business plan for it in one weekend, with some really great speakers.
Hi, everyone! Hope you all are staying safe :)

I'm Mia, and my NPO Lyrica By Girls is looking for passionate and driven individuals to help educate Central Asian girls!

Lyrica By Girls was founded to promote girls' education in Central Asia, the countries usually forgotten by most initiatives. Giving these girls an education equates to giving them and their communities boundless potential for the future. We do our part by supplying a shortage: English conversation tutoring.

We have seen the incredible results of teaching English fluency to girls. Learning the lingua franca of the world opens up so many doors of opportunity, and has the power to break cyclic poverty and empower the girls left behind.

We believe every girl deserves the right to a quality education and to uplift her community.

In the era of prosperity and technology, no girl should be left behind. We're starting at English tutoring, but we're not stopping until every girl in Central Asia can access a quality education, because geography shouldn't be a barrier to their future.

If our mission resonates with you, feel free to apply at docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Hey, how do you apply?
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just click on the link and fill out the form! :)
I don't see a link, maybe you've forgotten to post it?
Hi All! I'm Andy Xu from Kent School. Last year, after going to Paideia and Stanford Summer Humanity Institute, my friends and I created an online humanities journal called HOPE: www.hopehumanities.org

We published our first issue yesterday and in fact, we are world-wide, student-run, and non-profit. Most importantly, we publish academic papers, editorials, art, and literature, basically any kinds related to humanities.

We hope to gain support from you all. If you are interested to become a student representative for a school to collect submission, you could email hophumanities@gmail.com

If you want to submit, you could visit our website submission page to take a look. Thank you all for your support! We currently have more than 40 schools affiliated around the world!
This sounds awesome - humanities competitions and research journals like MIT Inspire have shut down long ago. Who are your journal's reviewers?
So our reviewing process consists two parts: editors and college reviewers. The editors team consist of high school students who have been to high-quality humanities camps or are going to these camps. The reviewers are those who won awards in specific areas. For example, four of our college reviewers published their papers on Concord Review; another of our review won Columbia Golden Circle last year. If you are interested, you can send an email to hopehumanities@gmail.com
If anyone is interested in beginning to invest in stocks and wants to use Robinhood as their broker, please use my referral link as I will get a free stock and so will you.

Referral Link: join.robin... m/arashds9

Type this link on google or your phone. Thank you this helps me a lot.

My name is Serena Ding and I am the Founder and President of an international service organization called United Under Art (unitedunderart.com).

This Saturday at 8:30 AM EDT, we will be hosting a webinar on how to prepare an arts audition/portfolio for high school/college applications and competitions, what going to an arts school is like- pre conservatory training and balancing the arts/academics, and how to compete in arts competitions. Our speakers are three students from the prestigious dual mission arts school LaGuardia HS in NYC (also known as the Fame school).

To learn more: www.united... com/events (or message me/contact info@unitedunderart.com)

Webinar link: hielites.z... 8835982023
forgot to add: one of the speakers has won national awards in art and another has performed at venues like NYU
Hey Guys

A couple of friends and I have designed a case competition regarding the coronavirus and if you are interested in competing, go to the website and put in your email.

Basically it’s to pitch an idea on how businesses can recover from the coronavirus.

There’s a $50 prize available and we have secured judges from top consulting firms such as Deloitte. If you wanna compete or tell your friends about it, here is the link: coronacase... eebly.com/
Hey everyone,

My name is Sophia and lately, I have been inspired by some of the initiatives that young students are creating across the globe. Most of the time, the potential for young and brilliant minds often go unrecognised and I understand how difficult it can be to ‘get your name out there’ to generate support for your projects. I have come up with an idea to create Young Minds Global, an account on Instagram that dedicates its platform to promote these initiatives.

Young Minds Global will act as a method for small student enterprises and initiatives to share their ideas and create a greater community for their project. I hope to build a large platform where founders/members of a current student initiative will submit a description detailing their purpose, the impact they have made/are planning to make, how to get involved (links to social media and website), etc… The leadership team will then curate this knowledge and post about it, hopefully encouraging interested followers to check it out further.

Currently, I am looking for other passionate students who are willing to join the leadership team and help me operate, promote and develop this idea. Positions are open to students globally and time commitment is flexible. If you are interested, please fill out this form: docs.googl... sp=sf_link
How can we get in touch with you? E-mail address or any social media id can we get
Email: youngminds.global@gmail.com
Insta: youngminds.global