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I’ve seen a few other people do this but I’d also like to form an international team for the Conrad challenge. I’m more inclined to the business side of things, so anyone with a stronger STEM background would be greatly appreciated (You dont have to be though, I’m open to anyone). You can find more info here: www.conrad... -challenge
I have a decent experience with STEM( inclined towards AI, CS, and Mathematics) and entrepreneurship. I would love to join you.
I’m interested!
STEM and strong writer here, interested :)
Hey everyone! Are you a passionate STEM student? Do you enjoy using your knowledge to promote STEM education among younger peers and build long lasting friendships along the way? If yes, then consider to become a regional director at Stem and Buds!

Stem and Buds is a by-youth, for-youth nonprofit empowering students to take action and pursue their own STEM ideas through one-on-one peer mentorship and the #myproject initiative. Our programming includes after-school chapters, summer camps, and various outreach programs. Through these programs, elementary and middle students will get to explore and come up with creative, unique STEM projects that further ignite their interest in the field.

We are looking for passionate individuals that are willing to increase younger students’ accessibility to STEM education. Regional directors will establish 3 chapter locations in the region that they reside in and coordinate activities ranging from summer camps and after-school sessions to creating agenda and planning meetings with chapter heads. Please message me if you are interested and I will give you more info on how to apply and join this wonderful organization!

Chapter info:

Stem and Buds currently has 12 chapters, and is setting up chapters in the following regions: Houston, Rio Grande Valley, and Dallas in TX; Fort Pierce and Weston in FL; Freemont, NJ; Reno, NV; Marriottsville, MD; SF, CA; Chicago, IL; Port Huron and Huron in MI; Bronx, NY; Pittsburgh, PA.

Links to learn more about Stem and Buds:
stemandbudspa.org/ website
instagram.... 59gv45ge6m Instagram page
Do you want to talk to students in India from ages 7-11 and want to get volunteering hours over the summer. Apply to be a tutor at Educationist. We are a forming non profit to connect students in india and the US and high school students can help indian students during the quarantine and even extending outwards!!!

sites.goog... authuser=0

What subjects are offered? Is only speaking English and a bit of Spanish a drawback?
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That's fine! We will try to pair you with a student that speaks english
Hey guys! I'm Paakhi Maheshwari, the founder at An Insipid Board of Ideas, and we're recruiting!
An Insipid Board of Ideas is a blog led by passionate teens. We aim to break social stereotypes through the power of fictional storytelling. We are established in India, although we hope to get a team of teenagers from every corner of the world!
'Awareness is bliss.'
This is our motto. Centuries have passed, and people have always found comfort in Ignorance. However, in today's society, change can only be brought upon by being aware. So, we're looking for people like ourselves, dedicated to the issue, who love writing, storytelling, or hold the expertise of social media. You can look at our website, insipidboa... socialblog to get a good idea of our initiative.
Interested to be a part of our team? Apply here, or email us on aninsipidboardofideas@gmail.com!

docs.googl... w/viewform

Looking forward to getting you on our team!
Relief for the Middle East
Founder & President: Cecilia Barikhan
Due July 4, 11:59

This start-up organization is all about spreading awareness and accurate information on the crisis’ development in the middle east. There are many parts to this project that correlate to different passions and hobbies. If you are interested in international affairs, current events, human rights, writing, research, editing, leadership, marketing, social media, and/or web design, you are in the right place!

There are four main components to this organization:
1- The website
2- Social media (Instagram handle)
3- Branches/clubs

The website: To be built by the website development and web-marketing group will be filled with informative links, videos, and written pieces. To be given pieces by the writing committee for posts. To be edited by the editing chairs and directors. This website should hold accurate information to form an educated and unbiased information. It will be divided into sections marking informational, persuasive (political, argumentative, and opinionated), charities, subscription, and “start a chapter”. It will also be linked to the Instagram bio!

The Instagram: Instagram holds the key to being successful, it will need extensive marketing, design, and appeal. The marketing and social media team will be constantly working on Instagram in order to grow following, credibility, and impact. The goal is to spread awareness and help fundraise to causes related.

Branches/Clubs: As a starting organization, the launch is all about being recognized and growing. To help grow the organization, people will be allowed to join as members and start branches of the organization as clubs at their schools. This is keen on the growth of the organization.

Since the organization is brand new, we have MANY open positions! Anyone incoming ninth grade to twelfth is welcome and encouraged to join! The application will be linked below, along with job descriptions.

Jobs will be organized by committee, in order of highest to lowest position power.

docs.googl... A/viewform

Requirements for ALL members:
Have an Instagram account
Be able to attend one zoom meeting a month (30 mins - 2 hours) for the whole organization, and however many your director requires/ directors will have mandatory director meetings, etc.
Be able to join remind AND slack (both on app store)
Be active on checking emails
Accountability and responsibility are keen
Good ability to work amongst a team

Main Board
Works under: President
Works directly with myself and holds designated committees to due dates and corresponds with the communication director regarding important dates, updates, ideas, and more. Ideally should meet once a month and communicate via a private Slack channel.

Vice President of Marketing- Overlooks SC/Marketing committee
Vice President of Social Media- Overlooks SC/Marketing committee
Vice President of Website Design- Overlooks Website committee
Chief Editor- Works along VP of Website committee
Secretary- Takes notes/ pre-makes agendas along with mainboard/ makes minutes at meetings
Communications Director- Works along President to give updates, submitted work, etc.
Fundraising chair- Works with the fundraising committee

Social Media/ Marketing
Works under: VP of Social Media & Communications Director
Plays a role in managing and growing the social media presence while using good marketing skills. This team should meet at least once a month and have a private slack channel. Posts and stories should be planned a week at a time.

Marketing Manager- Approves plans made by the group to forward to the VP.
Instagram Event Coordinator- Plans virtual events on the Instagram.
Account Manager- Manages and posts on Instagram.
Social Media Marketer Specialist-
Business Analysts- Uses the business account features to help identify and target an audience.

Website Development and Design
Works under: VP of Website Design & Cheif Editor & Fundraising Chair
Creates, runs, and grows the website to be inclusive to information, opinions, charities, and opportunities to grow the organization. No required meetings, just a private channel.
Senior Editor- Is responsible for making sure all writing pieces are clean.
Junior Editor- Sends an edited document to Senior editor after a round of edits.
Apprentice Editor- Works with the Assistant editor to make the piece better-fit criteria needed, specifically on conciseness.
Assistant Editor- Works with the Apprentice editor to make the piece better-fit criteria needed, specifically on grammar.
Writer- NEED MULTIPLE, Writes for the website.
Research Specialist- Finds articles, videos, and other links to add to the site.
Site manager- NEED MULTIPLE, Creates and sets up site
Site assistant- Be on call for helping the site develop aesthetically.

Fundraising & Charity Work
Works under Fundraising Chair
Finds charities to donate to and plans fundraising events (brainstorming for after COVID-19), get in touch with local businesses to find a way to donate.

Charity Scout- Finds good charities in the middle east to donate to (priority by need).
Fundraising Planner- Plans the amount/goals per charity and with time
Event Planner- Plans events (not possible right now), brainstorms for after COVID.

Outreach & Growth
Works under President & VP of Social Media
Sends out applications, encourages growth, and finds innovative ways to grow the team.
Ambassador Director- Manages all ambassadors: Set up a slack, a form, promote, and grow the team.
Ambassador Assistant- Send out acceptance emails, review applications, and help.
Chapter Director- Review chapter applications and email/communicate.
Orientation Advisor- Holds orientation zoom meetings for approved chapters.

docs.googl... A/viewform
Hey everyone! My name is Agha Haider and I'm a rising senior that founded a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called the Literacy Initiative.
The Literacy Initiative is currently looking to grow our after-school programming into more cities, states, and countries during the 2020-2021 school year. We are also welcoming new partnerships and collaborations with other youth-led non-profit organizations. Below is some information regarding the current positions we have available.

We are currently accepting applications from ONLY rising high school freshman, sophomores, or juniors!

- Each state will have an Executive Board consisting of:
- Chief Operating Officer
- Program Director
- Each local chapter (city) will have an Executive Board consisting of:
- VP of Programs
- Outreach Coordinator
​ - Volunteer Manager
- We are also accepting collaborations between other organizations that have similar missions and goals as us.

If you are interested in starting a chapter of the Literacy Initiative (or collaborating), you can fill out the inquiry form on our website at literacy-initiative.org/start or feel free to shoot me an email at agha.haider@literacy-initiative.org. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Also, a bit more of the Literacy Initiative is...The Literacy Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission for students to build a healthy mind, body, and spirit through programs that mentor, engage in sports, and support reading. Our after-school program is divided up into three separate programs: Books & Cookies, Books & Basketball, and Coding & Cookies. Through our STEM-based curriculum, students explore a wide range of real-world topics and issues while working on increasing reading proficiency. The goal of our programs is to foster a safe and fun after-school program for low-income students who may not be able to afford a typical after-school program. Many students in low-income areas face violence and crime on a day-to-day basis, which may make unstructured and unsupervised after-school activities dangerous for students. During meetings, students work closely with high school volunteers on various icebreaker, reading, and STEM activities. We’re also working to combat food insecurity by providing students with a free meal during each meeting. By providing them with all these opportunities through this after-school program, not only are we providing them with a safe space to express themselves, but also providing them with the opportunities for them to become successful individuals within society.
Hello everyone!

I'm the co-founder of Medicine Encompassed, a medical-oriented, nonprofit organization aiming to provide various remote opportunities for high school students that express an affinity for medicine, biology, the sciences, and STEAM in general as my co-founder Aliza Lopez previously mentioned.

We have recently opened up many executive and general positions for high school students to partake in. I know many students are looking to expand their resumes at this time! We hope to foster an environment for students to further their interest in medicine, as well as using this medium as a way to impart the importance of this field.

There are many opportunities for our members to get involved and we have projects/collaborations underway which we hope to get other students working on. Some of our general positions include writing, editing, and research/resource creation for one of our various committees. We try to incorporate every aspect of the medical field so that other like-minded individuals can learn about any topic of their choice.

If you are interested in joining us, visit the link: linktr.ee/medicine.encompassed . If you have any questions, feel free to email us at medicineencompassed@gmail.com !

NOTE: Applications are due on June 22nd at 11:59pm EST and there is currently a high demand for executive positions!
Hello! My name is Kaya Crawford I am trying to start a blog/website that will allow high school students to have a safe space to share their opinions on problems they face as well as problems facing the world today. I am looking for a group of people to help me get this project off the ground. I am also looking people who would want to contribute. It will not require a ton of time and will be flexible. Anyone interested in journalism, politics, science, health, and who wants to discuss problems facing our generation will benefit here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Please fill out this form if interested. Thank you! Link to form: docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Interested in MUSIC and Business? Want to teach and express love for music?

J&H Music Class brings is a place where all people can learn how to play their instruments. If any of you are talented in any instrument(s), please contact me soon. We are also looking for people who are interested in the business field such as marketing, communications, etc.

Our website: qterwer649... musicclass

Contact info: tsaiy1@bxscience.edu

Look forward to meeting you!

Home | J&H Music Class
Quality Music Lessons Provided to You. Our goal is to open endless possibilities and directions in the lives of children.
I'm looking to form a multinational team to participate in the Conrad Challenge. It is a great opportunity to network with people from different cultural backgrounds and gain experience. Please comment below or direct message me if you are interested.

Link to description of the challenge:
www.conrad... -challenge
I’d be interested!
i’m interested!
I'm interested! I'm also a writer if that helps.
An Insipid Board of Ideas is a blog, led by passionate teens. We believe that certain pre-established societal norms can and must be changed. We aim to break these social stereotypes through the power of fictional storytelling and persuade a change in the society for greater good. We are a newly established organisation and we'll be glad to give NGOs/NPOs a space in our website, who are looking for donations or advertisement. The process will involve no such obligations or formalities. The link to our website is
insipidboa... socialblog

Shoot me a private message for more info.
Hey guys. I'm representing a student-led organization called Tourette SyndromeS. It is a non-profit youth-led organization that was founded in order to raise awareness on Tourette Syndrome. You can check our website here: tourettesy... romes.org/ . Currently, we are particularly in need of marketing officers to help promote our organization through Instagram and other social media platforms. If you want to apply, you must show some of your qualifications for us to decide your suitability for this role. Please reply whether you're interested or not in the comments.
Hi everyone!

I am the co-founder of Youth Medical Association,

Youth Medical Association is a completely student-run nonprofit aiming to spread knowledge and accessibility of medical career information to all everyone regardless of ethnicity, race, and background. We aim to expose high school students to the medical world through networking events, workshops, programs, internships, and community outreach initiatives.

We are seeking individuals passionate about STEM, medicine, and general branches of science! Joining Youth Medical Association will be an extremely rewarding experience, and you will learn and grow more than you ever thought possible.

For a description of each position, please check out the following link:
docs.googl... obilebasic

This is the first round of recruitment and multiple executive positions are still open currently!

Applications are due Monday July 6th at 11:59pm.

If interested please leave a comment or fill out the application form: docs.googl... A/viewform

If you have any questions, please email youthmedicala@gmail.com
Global Ambassadors Needed!

DEVI~~~ Weaving Change

A Warm Welcome! We are seeking high schoolers worldwide to help uplift the world, widely.

As the pandemic ravages society, many of us are sitting idle, stuck amidst our thoughts, our homes, and our personal perspectives. Devi, an international non-profit, presents us all with unique and emerging opportunities.

Devi projects a global impact by creating valuable connections between distant locations and works towards societal change that encompasses women in an appreciative and progressive manner. It sources ornate and authentic crafts woven, sculpted or curated by women in the lower income stratas of countries, and creates a platform for them to be sold, eventually directing all profits made to girls educational and pre-vocational programs in locations of need.

We are recruiting Global Ambassadors for Devi.

Please carefully read Devi’s Executive Summary, to discover the potential impact you can make as a Global Ambassador:
docs.googl... sp=sharing

After reading, if you feel capable and excited, fill out our application for Global Ambassadors:
docs.googl... sp=sf_link

We are very excited to hear about you all :)
Hey guys!

My organization creAItivity is a nonprofit that aims to spread awareness through hackathons, competitions, and tech zines. We have already hosted a successful COVID-19 competition and are currently looking to expand our leadership team.

Open positions include: Chief Creative Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Partnership Officer and Content Director.
Apply here:docs.googl... w/viewform
Hello everyone
An Insipid Board of Ideas began with a conviction that people were not aware enough to help bring change.
IBI is an enterprise by a group of teens passionate to spread awareness about societal issues by the fictional accounts of people who experience it at ground zero.

We are looking for content writers and social media managers to be a part of our project.

You can check out our website and know more about the project at: insipidboa... socialblog

Apply to be a part of our team from the link given below
docs.googl... sp=sf_link
Project Venture presents "The Belly of the Financial Beast." Brian Lee, a student at the Wharton School in UPenn will be talking about credit, market, banking, and the Fed. We will distribute educational resources beforehand to help everyone get the most out of this opportunity!

Everyone is welcome to attend as it is VIRTUAL.

WHEN: 6/19/20 from 4-5 pm PST.
WHERE: Zoom meeting (link will be emailed close to the event)

Sign up at bit.ly/PVFinancialSystem

Please feel free to contact us at dvhs.projectventure@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing you (virtually)!
Hi guys! My name is Rebecca Joseph, the founder of Women In Politics. WIP and Giants network are hosting a webinar on networking at home and internships. The webinar will take place on June 27th from 4-5 PM PST and will take place on Zoom. Sign up through the form to reserve your spot!

docs.googl... y46Hg/edit
Hi there! I am Benjamin and I am the founder of Tourette SyndromeS. It is a youth-led organization that was founded in order to raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome. From sharing personal stories to providing comprehensive information, anyone can feel free to seek solutions to their problems with the organization's unmitigated support. The ultimate goal is to progress our society towards a more accepting environment on an international scale. We are currently looking for people in our executive team, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Apply here: forms.gle/... 6kZoJHKp68
Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm looking for people who would be willing to join a non-profit website that I am running, Change Is Us. We are expanding and looking for like-minded members.

The goal of Change Is Us is to bring together like-minded youth across the globe who are interested in promoting discussion about gender and LGBT+ issues on a wider scale. I have worked for some non-profits doing writing and content creation or something similar, and for all of my exposure in these areas, I have not found a single website dedicated to talking about LGBT+ issues in the same way I have found dozens of websites and nonprofits dedicated to other issues such as Girls in STEAM. As a girl in STEAM, I recognize the importance of these non-profits, but I also recognize that we need to talk about LGBT+ issues and gender issues on the same scale.

Apply here: forms.gle/... DHW3Kw18d7

Thank you!