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Controversial opinion...what do you guys think?

Elon Musk is a total fraud
nypost.com... tal-fraud/
1 year ago
He is still worth a lot of money
1 year ago
I actually dont know why people idolize him so much. There are many other entrepreneurs doing good things
I'm quite impressed with the students' start-ups and NGOs I see here on RoundPier. But I can't still understand how students in such early ages start and manage their own companies. How do they come up with their ideas? (what are they triggers) Do they get support from their parents/ relatives or do they start on their own? How could they possibly get funding and other necessary requirements for their own companies? etc.

I believe there are a lot students especially in this group interested in the same questions. Can I kindly request from students who've started their own start-ups/NGO share their comments on the questions posted above? I believe it'd be very inspirational to all of us to see real success stories.

Thanks in advance.
1 year ago
Hello Sohbet! This year I have finished high school and during the last 3 years of it I have co-founded a startup and an association. I think you came up with the ideas because I saw a problem or something that bothered me and I wanted to solve it. I always get the support from my parents. To get funding for the startup we applied to a contest to go to Silicon Valley to create it and they would fund it. And with the association we put our own money right now, but we are starting to find some partnerships with other assciations/companies/town hall. I hope my experience helped you. If you want to know anything else just ask:)
1 year ago
I think there was a good post below about this. There are some "real" businesses started in HS but very often you see a project or an idea which never becomes a business due to some of the reasons you mention above. And yes a lot of time parents help is the key
Hi guys! I am interested in science but would also like to do some more commercial research rather than pure academic. Are there any opportunities in start ups or large companies where I can do some basic research and also learn about business side of things?

1 year ago
Hey Jackie,

Interesting question, personally interested with this. I might not give you the detailed answer but I think that depending on your field (chemistry, physics, etc.), you can go to companies to work for. For example, for chemistry and business, you can choose to go for pharmaceuticals, even finance (consulting is mostly about research). Your question is kind of broad since start-ups might or might not require particular research in science, depending on the type of start-ups (if it's something related to science or technology, then my best guess is just there would be research component (at least to learn about your competitors) but depending on the extend of its dependence on scientific innovation and stuff, the degree of research would differ a lot.
This is just my view. Happy to hear others thoughts.
1 year ago
There are a few opportunities we posted here like Draper internships or Monell summer program where research is more industry related. But overall agree with the comment above going after certain large companies makes sense as they do plenty of research which they use for commercial purposes. Approaching smaller companies is also great as they may need more help and generally can’t pay too much so more chances for high school students to get some industry exposure.
What is 'Fortnite'?: A look at the video game that has become a phenomenon
The game now makes more than $300 million per month — even though it's free to play.

If there’s a gamer in your household, you’ve likely heard of “Fortnite,” the multiplayer phenomenon that’s taken over the world — and the news cycle.
The game burst onto the scene in late 2017 and is now one of the most successful video games ever. Here’s what you need to know:

What is “Fortnite” and where did it come from?

“Fortnite” was published by North Carolina-based studio Epic Games and released in “early access” form last summer. That means it’s technically still in development, even though you can purchase it now for $59.99. The game is what’s known as an open-world survival game, in which players collect resources, make tools and weapons, and try to stay alive as long as possible.
The game is set on modern-day Earth, but most of humanity has disappeared. One of the game’s core mechanics is collecting materials to build protective fortifications.
A few months after its initial launch, Epic Games dropped “Fortnite Battle Royale,” a free mode using assets and gameplay elements from the main game in which 100 people square off against each other in a fight for survival — with the last living player crowned the winner.
This is when “Fortnite” really started to take off — 10 million people were playing within weeks of its release. The battle royale mode is what remains incredibly popular and what most people are talking about when they talk about “Fortnite.”

How big is it?

It’s huge. Epic Games has been quiet about the total number of players, but we know that as of January “Fortnite” had around 45 million active players across all platforms and that number is only going to go up, especially with the recent release of the game on Nintendo’s popular Switch console.
And that still doesn’t even account for the many people who tune in just to watch others play on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. There’s something distinctly watchable about this battle royale; its art style, mechanics and fanbase provide endless entertainment, and even celebrities like Drake are getting in on the action.
If “Fortnite” is mostly free, does that mean it’s going to run out of money?
Not anytime soon, that’s for sure. “Fortnite” gets a large chunk of its revenue from microtransactions (small purchases to buy in-game currency) — it’s making over $300 million a month at this point.
Microtransactions are in-game purchases that cost real money in exchange for in-game currency, which can be used to buy various items and skins (slang for how a player looks in the game). Even if a decent portion of players are only chipping in $10 or $20 for some V-Bucks (the game's currency), that adds up to a lot of money when you consider the player base of the game.
Why has this particular game gotten so big?

“Fortnite” is uniquely welcoming to newcomers, which isn’t true of all online shooter-style games.

Because it’s free, there are always inexperienced players jumping into a match for the first time. Sure, you’re probably not going to top the competition and achieve a No. 1 victory royale on the first try, or even the tenth, but you’re always welcome to keep on trying. You’ll get a chance to observe how experienced players act — when they build, how they stay alive — and have fun along the way, which is really all that matters.

And if it’s not for you, that’s fine too; at least now you have a better understanding of what the fuss is all about.

What does “battle royale” even mean?

Battle royale is a gameplay genre that uses strategy and survival elements in a last-man-standing arena, much like in the Japanese movie of the same name (or, more recently, "The Hunger Games"). It was popularized by the PC/Xbox One game "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds," which came out earlier in 2017, and “Fortnite” built on that existing formula while adding some new tricks of its own.
In “Fortnite," battle royale means up to 100 players on a single map trying to be the last person or squad standing as the safe zones get smaller and smaller, forcing all remaining players together. It uses the building mechanics of the core game, so players can create platforms and walls to either get a better vantage point or hide from enemy fire. These structures aren’t impenetrable — you can’t just build four walls and a roof and call it a day.
“Fortnite” is played entirely online with real people, not bots, so every match might be a little different. This is part of the reason for its staying power, despite having only one map. This also allows the developers to make frequent changes and additions, with new “seasons” bringing new story elements and changes.

Is “Fortnite” OK for kids to play?

“Fortnite” is rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, meaning it’s generally appropriate for ages 13 and up. Some callouts from the ESRB website include “players use guns, swords, and grenades to fight skeleton-like monsters (husks) in ranged and melee-style combat” and “Battles are highlighted by frequent gunfire, explosions, and cries of pain”—about what you’d expect from a PG-13 action flick.
That rating comes with a huge caveat, though, because online interactions are not rated by the ESRB, and “Fortnite Battle Royale" is entirely online. Obviously, only you can decide what games are best for your children, but you should definitely be aware of what they’re playing and with whom, just like with any other online behavior.

I think I want to give this “Fortnite” thing a shot. Where can I get it?

Because of its massive popularity, Epic Games is bringing “Fortnite” to as many platforms as possible. It’s available to download on PC and Mac, as well as all current-generation home video game consoles.
The Nintendo Switch version launched earlier this month, and it even has cross-play with Xbox One, a rarity. Sony’s PlayStation 4, meanwhile, refuses to join the cross-play party, but you can still play “Fortnite” with your buddies who have that system. That means you can play on your Xbox One using the TV alongside your significant other while they’re curled up with the Switch.
You can even download a mobile version on iOS, with the Android counterpart due out later this year. And, again, it’s free to jump into the battle royale, so why not give it a shot and see what all the hype is about? Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Source:www.nbcnew... on-n887706
Hey everyone - I have an exciting opportunity that I would love people to join!! Two friends (one of which already has a successful consulting business) and I are starting an international consulting business for science-related companies. We would love for qualified people with various talents in marketing, specific sciences, advertising, business, social media, outreach, technology, etc. on this website to join our team. All communication will online via Slack, Skype, and email. If you are interested and/or would like more information about this, please let us know by messaging me! :) Hope to hear from some of you!!
1 year ago
Hey Justina. This sounds awesome, good luck with that! I am a rising junior in Columbia University and would love to talk about this more in private. Sent you the invitation.
1 year ago
Is it paid or unpaid work?
1 year ago
Interesting project, Justina - keep us posted on your progress and you if you have an actual organization/company that you have set up you can register and post your opportunities here so more members will see it
www.entrep... tml/249174
A few months ago, a group of female engineers and me started a non-profit association (Young IT Girls) to empower and inspire girls in STEM. We do workshops, mentoring, conferences... Here in Spain the gender gap in engineering is really big so we want to fight it. In your country, the gender gap is big? What do you guys think of this intiative? Do you have any ideas?
1 year ago
There are definitely not many girls interested in STEM in my school...there are a number of programs in CA for girls
1 year ago
Thank you! We are already trying to reach them.
1 year ago
There is a very big group: Woman who Code. You probably know them. Would be good to see what they are doing. Gender Gap in IT industry is still pretty big, and we definitely need to close it :)
Hi guys, i keep reading about high school entrepreneurs and how top colleges are recruiting them but i wanted to find out if there are actual businesses started by high school students that are more or less well known?
1 year ago
Every few years you hear about a student entrepreneur but it I personally haven't seen any sizable businesses started in high school recently. One that I came across few months ago was about a kid who started bow tie company and now has a deal with NBA. I think what you see are mostly the stories of students trying to build a product or create a service but that doesn't mean it becomes a real company but it is still an amazing achievement to create something while you are in school...
1 year ago
I have seen a number of small businesses started locally by HS students but nothing big...
Has anyone started a business while in high school here? How do you manage running a company and school?
1 year ago
Yes, I started a startup when I was 16 yo (now I'm 18). At first it was a bit easier because I didn't have many exams. But now that I'm in senior year is really stressful but it is something that I like, so it's worth it
1 year ago
I was involved in a small business during the summer after high school and university - it is very challenging and not for everyone. It is the reason why many entrepreneurs drop out of school to focus on the business...
1 year ago
It must be very difficult to run a company and go to school...
If anyone is interested in engaging with young entrepreneurs from all over the globe, attend the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit at the University of Delaware between April 11-13. We have speakers, workshops, pop-up competitions, mentoring office hours, and more! The Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine will even be there.

To learn more, click here: www.diamondchallenge.org/summit

For a discount on your Summit ticket(s), message me!

To purchase your Summit tickets, click here: www.eventb... 4333196515

We hope to see you there!
If you are looking for a way to develop your ideas and turn them into a reality, the Diamond Challenge is a great place for you to start. We are the world's largest entrepreneurship competition for high school students, and we teach you how to come up with good ideas, and then bring them to reality. We have a business concept and social innovation track.
At what point should I create a company? I am working on a small project with a friend and we thought it would be a non-profit but creating non-profit isn't easy. We have a product/service that we have started offering to people and not charging anything yet for this but will probably do. Should we create a company?
1 year ago
If this is a serious project you should think about creating a company (LLC probably in the US) especially once you start generating revenue. Since you are doing it with someone else it is even more important to have some kind of legal entity in place.
1 year ago
I would also recommend you (first, doing what Greg has already said)but then, if you think you have a great project, I would try to apply to an accelerator of startups. There are many of them who accept early stage startups. You gotta find the right one, that fits you and your project the best.
Creating an app that removes buyer's remorse. Please check out my landing page at www.shopmunch.com/ and let me know what you think.

I am struggling to find early subscribers, do you guys have any strategies that should aid my process of learning before I create the app?
1 year ago
There are a couple of other similar apps out there in the US - launching consumer app is not an easy task either you have a very unique product or solid marketing strategy (more important than the product itself). Start with your local community, school etc and see what the feedback is.
1 year ago
Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the several apps in the US relating to this kind of idea. Although, I reside in Canada and I have found that many people here are looking for this kind of app but are unable to find a good one.
Very interesting article:
www.entrep... cle/308551
I'm planning on creating a tutoring business where sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school tutor students in elementary, middle, and early high school. I'd like to launch it in a few months, but I'm not sure where to start and how to get it up and running.
1. How should I recruit people?
2. Should all tutors be paid the same amount? Should some be paid more if they have more skills or more advanced skills (for eng plxample, algebra vs calculus)?
3. Where should the tutors meet their students? I was thinking that they could meet up at our local library or the students' homes, but I'm open to other ideas.
4. How much profit would I take from each tutor? I'm creating this business more for experience and to help others with high-quality tutors at a low price (I've visited tutoring places where the lowest rate is around $62 an hour!!), but I also don't want to gain anything out of it?
5. Should it be a non-profit? Those who have the money to spend on tutoring might take advantage of this, and I'm afraid that no pay at all would discourage many high schoolers from joining.
6. How would I get people to know about my business? Should I put flyers in mailboxes or just use word-of-mouth?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
1 year ago
Hi Justina - it's a great opportunity to get experience. If you are doing it within your school district some ideas for you

1. recruit your classmates and spread the word to other classes
2. normally tutors for more advanced subjects get paid more
3. school/library
4. the problem with most tutoring agencies is that they take a big % from tutors so 10-20% max
5. It can still be a non-profit organization with proceeds from the business to be used to sponsor tutoring of kids who cannot afford the service
6. that's up to you - flyers, ads in schools etc etc

We have tutoring option here on RoundPier and it is a great way to help community so good luck and have fun with this project!
1 year ago
We help high school students create start-up companies- would love to assist you with this idea through our LaunchX after school program. Check out our website at www.launchx.com to apply!
Great article for all of you interested in entrepreneurship and looking for colleges

technical.... nnor-fund/
Currently on the road to Entrepreneurship, I am creating an app where students can collaborate on group projects and homework. I want you guys to check it out and let me know what you think. If you're interested, please do subscribe!

2 years ago
Nice but did you see Brainly brainly.com/?
Is there a minimum age to create a company in new york state? We are trying to set up a small business with a friend and can't figure out if we can do it.
2 years ago
I'm not from the US, but I don't think there's a minimum age to create a company. Maybe if you have to do legal stuff an adult has to sign everything. I have a company in Spain and my mum had to sign these legal stuff, but I'm still the founder
2 years ago
In the US, you can be involved in the business but will need your parents to form the company. In most states, minimum age is 18 to be able to create legal entity, sign contracts etc.
Today I read this quote and I agree 100%.

"The talent of the entrepreneur comes from ambition, perseverance and humility to learn from mistakes and know how to listen"

What do you guys think?
1 year ago
I think that it partially dependence on self-confidence and luck as well.
These 4 Universities Offer Unique Entrepreneurship Programs For College Students
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