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Shiv Dollap
Shiv Dollap
Please chance me for NYU Stern ED1!
Hi Shiv - we generally don't speculate on chances of getting into a particular school here especially since we haven't seen your grades or SAT scores. Based on your entrepreneurial pursuits you should be qualified for any program that values this. Stern is definitely a good place to start entrepreneurial career but there are a number of other schools which are also great for aspiring entrepreneurs. Babson should probably be on your list as well as Northeastern, BU, UPenn and USC! Please remove your parents' income from your profile (it is unlikely you are going to get much aid especially at NYU) and better add your GPA/SAT scores.
Hi! I have a 1440 SAT score and a 3.65 GPA. I take all AP/honors classes except Math (i take accelerated calculus right now). Please let me know what colleges I should look at now that you know this information!
Hi Shiv - we normally ask people to post this type of questions in the Eduniverse section or US college applications group so others in the community can see as well as comment (pls repost when you have a chance). But based on your profile you should focus on schools that would value your entrepreneurial pursuits vs simply your stats - some schools that should probably be on your list (as per our earlier post)

- Babson
- Syracuse
- BU
- Middlebury
- Colgate
- Weslyan

You could also add UPenn and one or two other top names as well as as a couple of safeties if you haven't done yet.